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    "Guide",<ref>Stargate Atlantis: Legacy</ref> known to the Atlantis expedition as "Todd", is a Wraith who the Atlantis expedition met several times. He first appeared in 2006, returning in years after. He is distinguished by a starburst-shaped tattoo centered around his left eye. He was named by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard after his college friend "Todd (Human)|Todd" who was very pale. Before his capture, Todd was a Wraith of some political standing; after being freed he is in loose command of about a dozen Hive ships (out of at least sixty in the galaxy), and these had remained loyal to him during his imprisonment, implying that he used to command even more, most probably because he is at least 10,000 years old. He notes that his time spent in Commander Acastus Kolya's prison diminished his standing among the Wraith, further supporting the notion that he held a great deal of influence before. He is also an adept scientist, having a significant understanding of nanite coding as well as Wraith technology. {{Cite|ATL|Common Ground|Miller's Crossing|Be All My Sins Remember'd|The Lost Tribe}}


    Background information

    {{Quote|I was there ten thousand years ago.|Todd|The Lost Tribe}}
    Todd was born in the closing stages of the Lantean-Wraith war, and took part in the First siege of Atlantis|final assault on Atlantis some 10,000 years before present time. Early in his life he received his Wraith name "Guide" for the quality his mind had in Wraith telepathic communication - the feel of "one who goes alone, ahead. One who is sure-footed and certain, capable of finding a way for others who follow behind."<ref>Graham, Jo (2012-06-20). STARGATE ATLANTIS: The Furies (Book 4 in the Legacy series) (Stargate Atlantis: Legacy series) (Kindle Locations 2963-2964). Fandemonium Books. Kindle Edition.</ref> After the Ancients' departure from Pegasus, Guide eventually rose to a position of prominence among the Wraith, holding high-ranking functions within the Hive ship hierarchy. He is known to have served on at least two hive ships during this period, under two queens. The latter of these was Hive queen|Queen Snow, whose hive Guide joined with his friend Ember when Snow's influence in wider Wraith society was marginal and her hive in poor repair. With Snow's hive Guide participated in an covert operation to disable the Asurans' Wraith-attack command. During this mission Guide and confederates (including Ember and Snow) sneaked into Asuras system on board a derelict Ancient freighter, then infiltrated planet Asuras' Asuran city-ship|capital city-ship and accessed its central computer core. Disabling the attack command directly at the core was the only way to make the patch permanent and universal to all Asurans. Guide and his party succeeded in re-writing the Asuran command codes and escaping the city and the Asuran system. After the success of this mission, which saved the entire Wraith species from probable extinction at the hands of the relentless Asurans, Guide rose to the position of Consort, the highest position a male Wraith can hold. {{Cite|ATL|Far Horizons}}
    Sometime after, Guide, as Snow's Consort, fathered a daughter, Alabaster. When Alabaster was in the Wraith equivalent of adolescence, in approximately 1990, Snow's hive was attacked by a rival group of Wraith. The hive critically damaged, Snow ordered Guide to ensure the safety of Alabaster at the expense of her own survival; Snow died with most of the hive's complement when the ship exploded a short time later. Alabaster escaped, but her life pod crashed on an uncharted planet with an Space gate|orbital Stargate. Among other survivors of the battle were Ember and some human Wraith worshippers, including Dekaas who would twenty years later recount the story to an amnesiac Dr. Elizabeth Weir. Guide escaped the hive's destruction but could not find Alabaster's life pod and would believe his daughter dead for the next twenty years. Shortly afterward, a distraught battered ally-less Guide was captured by the Genii and would spend the next sixteen or seventeen years as their prisoner, eventually finding his way into the hands of Commander Acastus Kolya and his insurrectionist faction of Genii. {{Cite|ATL|Unascended}}


    {{Quote|Each in our own way, we suffer!|Todd, to Sheppard|Common Ground}}
    thumb|left|[[John Sheppard">thumb|left|[[John Sheppard and "Todd".]] When first introduced, "Todd" (then unnamed) first appeared as a prisoner of the Genii forces loyal to Commander Acastus Kolya. As part of their plan to get the Atlantis expedition to turn over Ladon Radim, the current leader of the Genii, Kolya threatens to have Todd periodically feed on, but not completely drain, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard. He was allowed to feed on Sheppard three times only for several seconds to force Dr. Elizabeth Weir to give him Ladon, before Todd and Sheperd conspired to escape the Genii prison; Sheppard having given Todd a new sense of hope. Working together, the two overpowered Kolya's guards and escaped, only to be cornered as they neared the Stargate. In order to gain the strength to fight them off, Todd almost completely drained Sheppard, leaving him barely alive but letting Todd easily kill the Genii soldiers approaching them. To repay Sheppard for freeing him, he drained the Genii soldiers he overpowered and used their life-force to regenerate Sheppard, an action which he referred to as the Gift of Life; Dr. Rodney McKay even claimed that Sheppard looks younger than he did before. Sheppard, in return, left Todd on another planet to link up with his Hive Ship. Both he and Sheppard agreed to honor their deal of letting the other go; Sheppard warned Todd again that if they met again, they would be enemies. Todd suggested that it would be good, for both their sakes, that they never meet again. {{Cite|ATL|Common Ground}}


    right|thumb|[[Meredith Rodney McKay|Rodney McKay">right|thumb|[[Meredith Rodney McKay|Rodney McKay and Todd working together on the Asuran|Replicators.]] Todd returned a year later to forge an alliance with Atlantis expedition against the Asurans, with whom the Wraith were now at Asuran-Tau'ri-Wraith war|war, while also informing Atlantis of the Asurans' new strategy of wiping out every human in the galaxy to deprive the Wraith of a food supply. Since the efforts of the Atlantis personnel have rendered the Wraith's previous virus ineffective in shutting off the Asuran Wraith-attack command, he needs their help to adjust it, jokingly offering to secure their truce with a handshake. He was stranded on Atlantis after the Hive Ship which brought the virus is destroyed by another suspicious Hive. {{Cite|ATL|The Seer}}
    He remained in custody on Atlantis for weeks, working with Dr. Rodney McKay on the nanite coding. He also agreed to help McKay in shutting down the nanites in Jeannie Miller's body, but only after he was allowed to feed on Henry Wallace, who had infected Jeannie. During this time on Atlantis, he hacked McKay's computer and took the macro for the McKay/Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge (which was later stolen from him), allowing the Wraith to later attack the Midway space station|Midway Station and Stargate Command. {{Cite|ATL|Miller's Crossing|Midway}}


    {{Quote|We have a deal. Seven Hive ship|hives will join us in Battle of Asuras|the fight.|Todd|Be All My Sins Remember'd}}
    Todd secured his freedom when he convinced seven Wraith Hive Ships to join the Daedalus and the Apollo along with the Travelers on an Battle of Asuras|assault of the Asuras|Asuran homeworld. Todd used the battle as a distraction to steal several Zero Point Modules from the planet before it was destroyed,  to power a massive Wraith cloning facility, which he wanted to use to create his own Wraith army able to wipe out the rival Wraith factions. He was, however, betrayed and imprisoned by a rival hive, set to be fed upon by a Wraith Queen (Spoils of War)|Wraith Queen once he outlived his usefulness. Sheppard's team found his damaged ship and freed Todd, and together they destroyed the facility by ramming it with the damaged Hive Ship. He escaped this Hive Ship on a Dart separately from Sheppard's team. {{Cite|ATL|Be All My Sins Remember'd|Spoils of War}}
    Later, it was discovered that Todd provided information to a Wraith faction allowing them to attack the Midway space station and Stargate Command, implying that he conducted espionage on the expedition during his stay in Atlantis, and that he is still alive. This is later confirmed when random outbreaks of a modified version of the Hoffan drug|Wraith-poisoning inoculation prompt Todd to arrange another collaboration to stop this threat to both races. When confronted with his apparent involvement in the Midway incident Todd admits to stealing information from Dr. Rodney McKay's laptop, but insists that the Wraith who planned the Midway occupation stole the information from him in turn. Given his shock over their accusation that he had something to do with this, he was likely telling the truth. {{Cite|ATL|Midway|The Kindred, Part 1}}
    left|thumb|[[Teyla Emmagan">left|thumb|[[Teyla Emmagan (disguised as a Hive queen|Wraith queen) threatens Todd.]] Sometime after, Dr. Jennifer Keller found Wraith gene therapy|a gene therapy within Michael's database that should eliminate the Wraith's need to feed on Humans again. The Expedition met with Todd to discuss this major discovery. He told them that although he saw the benefits of the endeavor (particularly since the recent plague meant that the Wraith were taking a risk any time they fed in case they came across a plague survivor who would kill the Wraith if they were fed on), in order to disseminate the therapy with the other hives in the alliance they would need to convince the leader, the Primary queen. There was a slight problem to the plan—the Primary would only meet with another Hive queen|queen, and Todd's queen was killed a year ago when his Hive Ship was destroyed. However, the Primary did not know this. He then proposed a plan in which Teyla Emmagan, being a Wraithkin, could pose as a queen for the dealings. She agreed and the two set off to meet with the Primary's hive ship and the queen. As soon as they were on board, the ship jumped into hyperspace, surprising Todd and Teyla. The Primary met them soon after, but Todd killed her almost immediately and told Teyla to take the blame. After a brief confrontation with the hive's Wraith Commander (The Queen)|commander, Teyla was made the new queen. She then ordered the ship to drop out of hyperspace. Meanwhile, Todd's Kenny|second in command and the Atlantis team were pursuing them in Todd's own hive ship. They arrived at the last known position of Todd's Wraith tracker|tracking device, but Teyla's hive had already moved to confront a rival hive at one of their feeding grounds. Todd recommended to Teyla that she should negotiate with the other hive, but instead she opened fire on them. She deployed the Darts to face the brunt of the enemy fire, during which Todd remarked on how she is doing this intentionally, to kill Wraith on both sides. Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and his team had left Todd's hive in their Puddle Jumper, and they arrived at the battle through the Stargate quickly enough to destroy the enemy ship with drone weapon|drones and board Teyla's hive, but were Wraith stunner|stunned and captured. Teyla came to their cell and explained the situation, but the hive's original commander overheard their conversation. He attacked Teyla in her quarters and was about to kill her when Todd intervened and killed the commander. Shortly after, she left the ship with the other team members on the Jumper. Todd was left in command of the ship, and with Teyla giving him full authority, effectively lead the Wraith alliance. The team later commented on how it could have been his intention all along. {{Cite|ATL|The Queen}}
    Sometime later, Todd's hive ship and two of his Wraith cruisers rendezvoused with the Daedalus so he could come on board and work with Keller on the gene therapy drug. Meanwhile, the Atlantis expedition discovered the Lantean, Janus' Janus' lab|secret lab in Atlantis. Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay|Rodney McKay and Dr. Daniel Jackson unknowingly activated a signal alerting the rogue Asgard faction, the Vanir, of their location. The Vanir then infiltrated Atlantis and kidnapped Daniel and Rodney with the intention of activating the "Attero device", which destroys any Wraith ship going into hyperspace and makes active Stargates explode with the power of a dozen nuclear warheads. thumb|right|Todd commandeers the [[Daedalus">thumb|right|Todd commandeers the [[Daedalus.'']] While Todd and Keller were working, his cruisers attempted to go into hyperspace and were disintegrated, leading Todd to assume that the Atlantis expedition had found and deliberately activated the device. Believing he was betrayed, Todd hijacked the Daedalus and set off to destroy it. At the same time, the device destroyed both Atlantis' Stargate and another gate near a Traveler settlement, the former being controlled by Atlantis' shield and the latter obliterating the settlement and killing three thousand Travelers as well as destroying Traveler Aurora-class battleship|their Lantean warship. As a result of this, Katana Labrea was sent by Larrin to Atlantis to find the cause of the explosion. Because Todd would probably destroy the lab with McKay and Jackson still in it, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and Dr. Radek Zelenka came on board Katana Labrea's Katana Labrea's ship|ship in an effort to get there first and rescue them. Ronon Dex, who was still on the ship, sabotaged the <nowiki>Daedalus'</nowiki> systems, delaying Todd. Three Vanir spaceships, the hijacked Daedalus and Katana's ship confronted each other around the planet M6H-987, where the device was. Ronon freed the <nowiki>Daedalus'</nowiki> original crew and they stormed the bridge, only to find that Todd had locked the Daedalus into a collision course with the device. Soon after, Todd and his Wraith escaped the vessel in their Wraith scout ship. The Traveler ship opened a hyperspace window to save the Daedalus and its helpless crew, then destroyed Janus' lab and the Attero device with its weapons. {{Cite|ATL|First Contact|The Lost Tribe}}
    {{Quote|If I'd not agreed to meet with you to discuss this innovation of yours, my crew and I would not be in this predicament!|Todd|Infection}}
    thumb|left|Todd peacefully leaves [[Atlantis">thumb|left|Todd peacefully leaves [[Atlantis.]] Todd was forced to work with the Expedition once again when his Hive Ship appeared in orbit over M35-117 where Atlantis was floating. He had stolen the experimental drug created by Dr. Jennifer Keller. It took away his ability to feed but also gave him a Wraith cancer|cancer-like disease. The disease spread to his Hive Ship when in symbiosis with the crew during stasis. His Wraith warrior|warriors turned feral and tried to eat several humans, while the hive's systems behaved erratically. Todd told the team that being fed on by an Iratus bug queen could reverse the effects of the disease and that there was a planet three days' journey away inhabited by the insects. Lt. Colonel John Sheppard rejected the suggestion because the ship was too damaged to make a hyperspace journey. After a short altercation between the two, Todd was imprisoned in a holding cell on the hive. Soon though, the ship could no longer handle the strain and broke in half, with the team in the forward section, which began to fall towards M35-117's surface. While McKay felt they could use the maneuvering thrusters to slow the ship's descent, he didn't have enough knowledge of Wraith systems to perform the necessary bypass. To fix this problem, Sheppard approached Todd who welcomed the possibility of death rather than suffer to death from the disease. Sheppard offered a deal: if Todd landed the ship, Sheppard would take him to the planet he sought to get his cure. With the help of McKay, Todd was successfully able to power the maneuvering thrusters and glided the ship to a crash-landing on the ocean. Atlantis rescued everyone before the ship sank and Sheppard proposed to Woolsey that they keep their deal with Todd, seeing him as their best chance of ever beating the Wraith. Woolsey reluctantly agreed and Sheppard allowed Todd to leave through the Stargate to seek his cure. Before leaving, Todd promised to remember Sheppard's actions. {{Cite|ATL|Infection}}


    {{main|Battle of the Super-hive}}
    {{Quote|Well, you can bet there's something he's not telling us.|Sheppard|Enemy at the Gate}}
    thumb|right|[[John Sheppard|Sheppard">thumb|right|[[John Sheppard|Sheppard speaks to Guide while he's held on the Daedalus.]] Sometime later Guide contacted Atlantis, revealing that the Iratus bug treatment had worked, curing him of the disease and turning him back into a regular Wraith. However, Guide reveals that he had taken more ZPMs then he had previously let on from Asuras and had set Wraith underling|an underling to work on adapting a hive ship to run off of one. The underling had succeeded, creating the super-hive, but had then mutinied against Guide and threw him off the ship. Angered at this betrayal, Guide had called to warn Atlantis of the threat and the need to destroy this new hive ship before it could be completed. The Daedalus is sent to check out the threat with Guide on board, though the crew take no chances and remove his usual clothes to prevent another possible hijack. Guide's intel proves to be correct, but the super-hive is too powerful for the Daedalus and heads to Earth after getting the coordinates from an alternate reality. In order to help combat the super-hive, Sheppard decides to take Atlantis itself to Earth and approaches Guide for the location of more ZPMs to power the city. Sheppard is able to get Guide to give them the ZPMs by reminding him that his underling had betrayed him and he should help them if only to spite the underling. Guide is left amused by the fact that Sheppard knows how to convince him to do what he wants. Later, after the super-hive is destroyed in Battle of the Super-hive|battle, Guide reminds Sheppard that Earth is safe due to his warning and ZPMs and asks what Sheppard will do with him. Sheppard remains silent to Guide's question. {{Cite|ATL|Vegas|Enemy at the Gate}}
    Following the destruction of the super-hive, Guide was kept in custody on Atlantis. To help pass the time, Guide would go over his early memories as he did while in Acastus Kolya|Kolya's prison. However, he began to starve and an IOA member requested Guide for experimentation from Carson Beckett (clone)|the clone of Dr. Carson Beckett. Refusing to have anything to with experimentation on Guide, Beckett brought forth the idea of instead placing Guide in stasis to Sheppard which would keep Guide alive and from being a security threat. Sheppard brought the idea to Guide who planned to ask Sheppard to kill him before the starvation got too great, knowing Sheppard would likely do it after seeing what starvation had done to him in Koyla's prison. While surprised by Sheppard's solution, Guide agreed and asked for his regular clothes back. After Beckett and McKay check his clothes, they return them to him, removing a Wraith tracker and the components to make two more from the clothes. With the help of Keller, Beckett was able to calibrate the stasis chamber for Wraith physiology and safely place Guide within. After finding Manaria destroyed by the Wraith with booby traps all over the place, Sheppard has Guide revived so he can help them get past the booby traps. Guide is greatly disturbed to see Manaria destroyed with much of its population not even fed upon, seeing it as wasteful and disturbing. Guide is able to help the team clear a path to the Customs House where McKay disarms another booby trap on the computer systems and they discover a message from Hive queen|Queen Death. Guide is further disturbed, especially when he learns Queen Death's name. Guide explains that while the queen in the message is young and he doesn't know her personally, Queen Death is a Wraith fairy tale and for this queen to have taken on the name, she must be a remarkable woman. Guide tells Sheppard that there are a hundred stories about Queen Death and they all start with "once before we slept, there was a queen called Death and she was glorious in her name." Guide tells Sheppard while he doesn't know more about the queen who has taken on that name, she is a legend reborn and is shown to be shaken by the implications. As the team leaves the Customs House with Guide, the Stargate activates and two Wraith Darts arrive, causing Guide to suddenly try to make a break for it before being shot by Sergeant Baker. Sheppard is able to recapture Guide who he realizes to his frustration managed to signal his people to come get him. Guide attempts to convince Sheppard to let him go, telling Sheppard that he has no desire to join Queen Death and if released, he will retake control of his alliance and stand in counterpoise to Queen Death for Atlantis. Knowing that Guide wants to control the Wraith for himself, Sheppard decides to take the chance and reluctantly releases him. Guide is picked up by one of the Darts and returns to his hive ship. McKay and Beckett later determine that while they removed all the Wraith transmitters and components that they could find, Guide had more in a dormant or seedling stage and grew a new one while in stasis. When he traveled through the Stargate, the transmitter was activated and signaled his hive ship. On Just Fortune|his hive ship, Guide feeds off of three humans to sate his hunger, but purposefully doesn't feed on a human that has a resemblance to Sheppard. Guide speaks to Bonewhite and learns that after his disappearance, his alliance shattered and ultimately fell to Queen Death, leaving him in command of only his own hive ship. While Bonewhite insists that they join Queen Death, Guide refuses and decides to hold off on joining Queen Death for the time being. Later, Guide is taken to see damage to the ship that is only slowly healing and gets a status report from Ember who tells Guide he believes they have caught the damage in time to avoid a catastrophic problem but they need one hundred hours to finish the repairs and they shouldn't be in hyperspace for more than ten hours. Guide agrees that this is reasonable and takes them to Korria to Cull. However, upon arrival, they find the planet devastated by Queen Death's forces and another hive ship exits hyperspace before they can jump back. To Guide's surprise, the Hivemaster is Farseer who he knew as the commander of a cruiser in his former alliance. Farseer tells Guide that the former alliances are void and Queen Death wants to meet with him. Outmatched and with no other choice, Guide agrees to accompany Farseer to a meeting with Queen Death. At the location, Guide puts on his best outfit and takes Bonewhite, Precision, Ember and Ease along as his entourage along with some drones. On Queen Death's hive ship, Guide is surprised to find how traditional everything is and is taken before Queen Death who has such a powerful presence she pulls Ease under her sway quickly and even the other members of Guide's crew start to falter. While Guide himself is affected by Queen Death's beauty, he is able to use his loyalty to and love for Snow to protect him. Queen Death confirms that Guide can make decisions for Queen Steelflower and then tells him that in order for the Wraith to survive, they must find the new feeding ground of Earth and Milky Way|its galaxy but it will take all of the Wraith working together. To this end, Queen Death refuses to abide by anyone outside of her control and demands Guide's loyalty. Guide gives it, but continues to be disturbed by Queen Death's use of traditions that have long been out of style such as feeding on Ember briefly and making Guide and his men publicly feed. Queen Death tells Guide that she believes that the Wraith need to return to their old traditions to survive and has her Ashes|Old One to guide her in this and suggests Guide can help as well. Shortly afterwards, Atlantis receives a message from Guide asking to meet on the planet Vell as he has learned the location of Queen Death's next big Culling and is willing to share it in exchange for some reasonable considerations. Though reluctant to trust Guide, the expedition realizes that they have no choice but to meet with him in case he offers something of real value. Sheppard's team takes a Puddle Jumper to Vell where they detect only a small Wraith cruiser in orbit with a Wraith scout ship|single shuttle with four Wraith landed on the ground. Sheppard contacts Guide by radio and tells him that he will land two kilometers north of his position and they will meet in the middle which Guide agrees to. Accompanied by two Wraith warriors and another Wraith commander, Guide meets with Sheppard and his team. Sheppard tells Guide that given the way things went the last few times they worked with him, they are unsure about trusting his information though he agrees that the location of Queen Death's next Culling would be worth a high price. Guide tells Sheppard that his price is anything they've discovered on the Hoffan drug|Hoffan plague, seeing it as being to both their benefits due to the effects of the plague on both humans and Wraith. Sheppard counters by asking Guide for the name of the planet, promising that if it checks out, they will leave the information Guide wants on Vell, unencrypted for Guide to pick up at his leisure. Though Guide is reluctant since Sheppard is asking him to take a great deal on trust, he understands Sheppard's caution and reveals that the planet is Levanna. Guide tells them that Queen Death will attack within three days and maybe a day or two longer, but no sooner. Guide tells Sheppard that if any of them survive he expects them to uphold their bargain and Sheppard promises to do so if Guide's information pans out. Sheppard and his team then depart followed soon after by Guide and his men. {{cite|SGA|Legacy: Homecoming}}
    Following the kidnapping of McKay, the Atlantis expedition decides to turn to both Guide and the Genii for help in locating him. When Woolsey contacts him, Guide agrees to meet on PX5-442 to negotiate. After sending Keller and Ronon to the planet, Woolsey contacts Guide who sends a Wraith probe to check it out. After Ronon puts away his weapon, Guide comes through the Stargate with another Wraith to negotiate, telling Keller and Ronon that the planet is neutral ground for negotiation by ancient Wraith tradition and he is willing to extend that neutrality to them. Before discussing anything with them, Guide orders them to send the Puddle Jumper they have keeping guard back to Atlantis, aware that they would take such precautions. After learning of McKay's kidnapping, Guide leads the two humans to the Houses of the Dead nearby where Carlin's people live and explains the significance to them. Sitting down inside of one of the huts, Keller explains that they want to know where McKay is and are willing to make a deal with Guide for any information that will help them find him. Guide admits that McKay's kidnapping is not of his doing and that he had his alliance render New Athos off-limits to the Wraith due to how badly the Athosians had been culled and his not wanting to fight with the expedition over what he felt was their territory. Keller explains how Raid on New Athos|the raid seemed to be targeted specifically at kidnapping McKay and even though Guide figures he already broke and told whatever queen that took him what he knows, the two insist on getting him back. In an attempt to get Guide to agree to help them, Keller tries to find something that he would be interested in to no avail before they get word that more Wraith have arrived through the Stargate. Learning that the Wraith who have arrived are followers of Queen Death, Guide leads the reluctant Keller and Ronon to a hiding place he has set up in a nearby tomb, unthreatened by Ronon's threats to kill him one day. A few hours later, Guide returns to find that Carlin's sister was a worshipper of Queen Death specifically and attacked Ronon and Keller who killed her. Guide refuses to help save the woman and tells the two that he has learned that Queen Death has kidnapped McKay and believes that he will be of great use to her and her followers. Keller reminds Guide of the dangerous amount of information McKay holds that he could give up to Queen Death including all of his knowledge on Wraith computer systems, the retrovirus that destroyed Guide's hive and how to reprogram nanites. While Guide is aware of the threat posed by McKay's capture, he is reluctant to help them as giving up Queen Death's position would endanger himself as Queen Death doesn't trust him and he could be found out. Keller suggests instead that Guide blame it on the Genii spy network and asks that he only give them the location of Queen Death's hive ship so that they can get McKay back. While Guide warns them that it will take some time for him to gather the necessary information, he agrees to do it and helps Keller and Ronon get back to the Stargate safely. About a week after negotiating with Keller and Ronon, Guide contacts Atlantis with information on McKay's whereabouts. Guide informs Atlantis that McKay is being held in the forward laboratory section of Queen Death's hive ship, an area that is less heavily guarded than most other areas of the hive ship. Guide sends Atlantis the location of World (The Lost)|the planet Queen Death's hive ship will be at to digest new raw materials for hull repair and growth and informs them that during the time the ship is doing this, four to five hours, it is extremely vulnerable as it will be in a dormant state and will thus be defenseless. After sending the coordinates to the planet, Guide cuts his transmission and shuts down the Stargate he is using. {{cite|SGA|The Lost}}

    Alternate realities

  • In an alternate reality visited by SG-1, the team encounter Guide's counterpart, although they do not recognise the significance of this meeting at the time. During a later visit to Atlantis in the primary timeline, Doctor Daniel Jackson meets with Guide and confirms that he met Guide's counterpart in this reality, establishing details of how their histories might have diverged. (Stargate SG-1: Ouroboros, Stargate Atlantis: Unascended).
  • thumb|left|[[John Sheppard|John">thumb|left|[[John Sheppard|John is introduced to Todd in an alternate reality.]] {{Quote|Wraith are never ending!|Todd to John Sheppard|Vegas}}
  • In an alternate reality Todd is seen in the captivity of the Tau'ri. He had been captured when his hive that had attacked Earth was destroyed and his dart had crashed. The Tau'ri kept him in a cell but hadn't fed him, which had made him delusional from starvation. This version of Todd seemed to be quite poetic. {{Cite|ATL|Vegas}}
  • Alternate timelines

  • thumb|250x250px">thumb|250x250pxIn the Alternate timeline Sheppard learned about Todd's final fate when he accidentally traveled 48,000 years into the future. It is revealed that Todd died fighting alongside Ronon Dex in an attempt to destroy one of Michael's research facilities. This is ironic in a poignant point of view, as Ronon had always held a begrudging resentment towards Todd since they first met. It is possible the two may have come to terms with one another, seeing as they had a common enemy to deal with at the time. {{Cite|ATL|The Last Man}}
  • Appearances

    {| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed wikitable" width="100%" ! Appearances for Guide |- | In chronological order:
  • Stargate: Atlantis
  • *Atlantis Season 3|Season 3
  • **"Common Ground"
  • *Atlantis Season 4|Season 4
  • **"The Seer"
  • **"Miller's Crossing"
  • **"Be All My Sins Remember'd"
  • **"Spoils of War"
  • **"Midway" {{m}}
  • **"The Kindred, Part 1"
  • **"The Kindred, Part 2" {{m}}
  • **"The Last Man" <small>(Alternate timeline duplicate only)</small>
  • *Atlantis Season 5|Season 5
  • **"The Queen"
  • **"First Contact"
  • **"The Lost Tribe"
  • **"Inquisition" {{m}}
  • **"Infection"
  • **"Vegas" <small>(Alternate reality duplicate only)</small>
  • **"Enemy at the Gate"
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    Todd's personality is unusual for a natural pure-blooded Wraith. He is reasonable, surprisingly loyal, and to a degree quite honorable, usually keeping his bargains. He is far more willing to make compromises and deals with humans, and acts far less arrogantly in their presence, serving in many ways as the Wraith version of the Goa'uld System Lord Yu, as both were willing to work with Earth's forces to achieve mutual goals. He regards the Atlantis expedition with neutrality, knowing that they are more useful as occasional allies than enemies. He also seems to care about the collective good of the Wraith, recognizing the benefits of developing a means of freeing the Wraith of their need to feed on humans after the wide-range dispersal of the Hoffan drug|Wraith-inoculation plague making it risky for the Wraith to feed at random as they had done before. During his imprisonment with Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, he commented that it would be worth escaping just to see the stars again, implying that he has a sense of beauty and appreciation of freedom. He also seems to regard the act of feeding as more of a necessity than an act of sadistic pleasure. He attempts to justify the Wraith's actions when it comes to feeding by comparing Wraith hunger to the pain of being burned alive. Notably, when he threatens to feed on the Daedalus crewmembers when Ronon Dex begins sabotaging the ship, Ronon assumes he's bluffing, while this claim made by any other Wraith would be taken seriously, demonstrating that even he has a degree of respect for Todd despite his usual anti-Wraith stance. {{cite|ATL|The Lost Tribe}}
    More recently, due to his continued presence among the Atlantis teams, he seems to have developed a grudging respect for the teams' various abilities. During Teyla Emmagan's Telepathy|telepathic struggle with a Wraith Queen (Spoils of War)|Queen, he is seen looking on with a degree of surprised admiration. He is also shown to have something of a grudging respect for Rodney McKay and regrets his apparent death when McKay sacrifices himself to destroy Hyperion's weapon. Presumably this is because of McKay's intelligence and abilities as a scientist which makes Todd more willing to work with him. It is unknown how much of his personality is due to his long imprisonment and contact with humans. Todd also has a unique relationship with John Sheppard. The two were forced to trust each other to get away from Acastus Kolya and afterwards both spared each other's lives, with Todd even restoring all of the life he took from Sheppard with the Gift of Life, something he refers to being reserved for the Wraiths most devout worshippers and their brothers. The two agree that "all bets are off" after that, but both agree that its best that they not meet again as neither really seem to want to kill the other, although Sheppard does repeatedly threaten to kill Todd over time. As a result of this, when the situation calls for it, Todd shows a willingness to work with Sheppard, despite a lack of trust between the two on at least Sheppard's side after the first experience. While Sheppard is mostly unwilling to believe Todd, noting that some of their collaborations have resulted in Todd withholding information or possibly using them to get what he wants- such as Todd establishing his authority over other Wraith hives while claiming that this will allow him to convince them to accept Atlantis's 'treatment' to remove their need to feed-, Todd trusts John to keep their deals at the very least. When Todd was willing to die when his hive ship was falling apart over M35-117, Sheppard gave him his word that he'd take him where he wanted to go and Todd took him at his word without question even though he was angry his crew was dead. Todd and Sheppard also seem to know what to say to each other to get them to do what they want of the other, with Todd even telling Sheppard "you know how to talk to me" when Sheppard convinces him to give up two Zero Point Modules for Atlantis. Todd later counts on Sheppard to kill him if the hunger gets too great and purposefully doesn't feed on a man who looks like Sheppard, thinking to himself that the other Wraith must never learn that he wouldn't kill John Sheppard just to save himself. On Sheppard's end, he is shown to know what Todd wants him to do and puts him in stasis instead, wanting there to be a "next time" between the two of them. Todd also shows an extraordinary level of trust in Sheppard by allowing Sheppard to put him in stasis and trusting Sheppard to let him out again. However, he is still very cunning and manipulative and does not hesitate to mislead or deceive the Atlantis expedition when he is working with them to serve his own ends. Most notably, he hacked into the Atlantis computer to find the Midway space station's location (later resulting in its destruction), however this act seems to have been to obtain information to act as insurance if the Atlantis Expedition were to betray him judging by his reaction when accused of being behind the Midway attack. On another occasion he kept his real plan secret when seeking Teyla's help in dealing with the Primary. One thing Todd doesn't seem to take well is betrayal by someone who he has given his trust to: when he believes the expedition betrayed him and activated the Attero device using his ships to test it, he is clearly furious and upset. This is also demonstrated when the Wraith underling mutinies against him and steals the Super-hive. Todd is so furious he immediately dials Atlantis to alert Sheppard about the existence of the ship and to get the team to destroy it, just to spite his former second in command, leading to the Battle of the Super-hive in which Sheppard kills the Wraith underling and destroys the ship with a Nuclear warhead. He also gives Atlantis ZPMs possibly just to spite the underling as after Sheppard points that out as a possible reason for him to help, he gives them what they want.




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  • Behind the scenes

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  • Christopher Heyerdahl previously played Pallan in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Revisions" and Halling in several episodes of Stargate: Atlantis.
  • Todd was played by Brendan Penny in "Be All My Sins Remember'd" except the scene in the Hive ship during the battle. Christopher Heyerdahl was unable to reprise his role due to a scheduling conflict. He did loop all of his dialogue afterwards.
  • The name Todd was based on Todd Masters.
  • Joe Mallozzi revealed that in the script for Stargate: Extinction, Todd is being held in Area 51 until John Sheppard releases him. He is instrumental in saving Atlantis (as well as an entire race) from destruction, even battling a future version of himself. When they return to the Pegasus Galaxy, he is set free "and, in a moment that demonstrates how far things have come, John gives his former enemy a parting handshake."<ref>{{Cite web|url=https://josephmallozzi.com/2013/03/31/march-31-2013-days-of-stargate-atlantis-past-concludes-stargate-extinction-and-beyond/ |title=Days of Stargate Atlantis past concludes! Stargate: Extinction! And beyond! |date=2013-03-31}}
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