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{{Infobox Planet |name=Hala |image=250px">250px |hidea= |address={{sgad|28|02|22|03|27|09|qu}}
|point of origin= |suns=Hala's sun |galaxy=Othala (galaxy)|Othala |system=Hala system |hides= |race=None (present, destroyed) <br>Asgard, Replicators (past) |tech=None (present, destroyed)<br> Extremely advanced (past) |interest=Former Asgard colony |domination=None (present, destroyed)<br> Asgard, Replicators (past) |hideo= |appearances=Stargate SG-1<br>
  • "Unnatural Selection"<br>*"New Order, Part 1"
  • }} Hala was the first planet settled by the Asgard in the Othala (galaxy)|Othala galaxy, about 2,000,000 lightyears from Earth, until it was overrun by the Replicators.


    Some time earlier on during the Asgard-Replicator war, Fenrir was exiled. He was sentenced by the Asgard High Council to be put in wakeful stasis on his ship, the Aegis (spaceship)|Aegis, which was then sent to roam the galactic clusters for five hundred seasons, on a course set to bring him back to Hala when his sentence was over. {{Cite|ATL|Nightfall}}
    thumb|left|Hala, after the Replicators cannibalized the planet's natural resources.">thumb|left|Hala, after the Replicators cannibalized the planet's natural resources. During the Asgard-Replicator war, the Asgard used the android Reese to summon the Replicators and trap them in a time dilation field. SG-1 traveled there to ensure the device was activated properly. However, it turned out the Replicators reversed the desired effect and speed time up within the range of the time-dilation device and thrived. SG-1 managed to fix the device so it was working as the Asgard intended and all the Replicators froze. {{Cite|sg1|Unnatural Selection}}
    Around two years later, the planet was shattered when Hala's sun was collapsed into itself by the Asgard in an attempt to destroy the Replicators before they could escape the time dilation field, as the device was only a temporary measure. This plan was later proven to be a mistake, as the Replicators managed to have used the time-dilation device to stop them from being sucked into the black hole. {{Cite|SG1|New Order, Part 1}}

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