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Hand of Light

Hand of Light

{{Infobox Weapon |image=250px">250px |name=Hand of Light |manufacturer= |model=Personal weapon |type=Energy weapon |control=Neural interface |cost= |power= |size= |weight= |discharge= |range= |affiliation=
  • Tau'ri
  • *Daniel Jackson
  • }} The Hand of Light was a form of weapon discovered and used by Daniel Jackson during the period that Anubis, allied with the Haaken, attempted to find an artifact of great power.


    When equipped, it caused a Humans hand to become transparent and reveal the bones within. When it was fired it released a vortex of energy which, when fully powered, sucked beings into oblivion. While a powerful weapon, it became less powerful the more it was fired and had to be charged before it would work at full capacity again. {{Cite|SG1|The Alliance}}

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