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{{Infobox Character| name=Harmony |image=250px">250px |race=Harmony's people |gender=Female |rank=Queen |home planet=Harmony's planet |allegiances=Tau'ri, Atlantis expedition |appearances=Stargate: Atlantis<br>
  • "Harmony (episode)|Harmony"<br>*"The Last Man" {{m}}
  • |actor=Jodelle Ferland }} Harmony is a Human female and Queen of a Harmony's planet|planet in the Pegasus galaxy that regularly trades with the Atlantis expedition. The Expedition has warned the people of the planet of impending Wraith cullings in the past. Harmony has two older sisters, Flora and Mardola.


    Background information

    In the far, distant past, at least one Ancient became an ancestor in Harmony's family line, passing down the Ancient Technology Activation gene to her. Harmony was a princess who rarely left the palace grounds. Her Harmony's mother|mother, the Queen, had recently passed away and a secret, sacred ceremony was held which determined that Harmony would succeed her mother as Queen of her people. However, to be Queen, she had to first perform a rite of passage; she must go deep into a nearby forest to the Ruins of Larris. Luckily, she had taken three forest training exercises with Nolar Lumsbrik, one of the greatest hunters amongst her people. {{Cite|SGA|Harmony}}


    When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and Dr. Rodney McKay first met Harmony, she was 13 years old, soon to be 14. Though the rite of passage to become Queen is usually performed alone, because of her young age, Flora asked that Sheppard and McKay accompany Harmony on her journey. Harmony was initially reluctant to have help, and Mardola contested their inclusion, but Flora was insistent and Sheppard and McKay eventually agreed. As the journey began, Harmony was immediately drawn to Sheppard as the leader. Alternatively, she immediately disliked McKay because of his incessant questioning. She proved to be a manipulative, spoiled child, stealing Sheppard's power bar and blaming McKay, and threatening to have McKay beaten on more than one occasion. Due to her spoiled upbringing, she often considered her methods to be best and was often at odds with Sheppard's instructions, however she was able to see wisdom in his words and admired his experience in leadership. {{Quote|You don't...don't not like me, you like me!...You are a hero, Dr. McKay, both to me and my people.|Harmony to McKay|Harmony (episode)}}
    The Rite of Passage ended at the Ruins of Larris and shortly after Sheppard, McKay and Harmony arrived, they were attacked by the Genii, hired by Harmony's sister Mardola. During the ensuing firefight, McKay launched himself (or fell) onto Harmony, effectively protecting her from the gunfire. Whether he intended to protect her or not, Harmony saw this as a tremendous act of bravery. Sheppard, having realized Harmony's Pendant of Larris|pendant was actually a means of activating and controlling the mini-drones, stole the pendant from around Harmony's neck in order to attack the Genii with the drones. Unfortunately, Harmony saw this as an act of usurpation and chastised Sheppard amidst many praises of McKay's "heroic" act. She took the pendant back and placed her hand on the control console of the ruins; the pendant glowed and by the customs of the planet, thereby deemed Harmony worthy of the throne. thumb|right|Harmony's painting">thumb|right|Harmony's painting Upon returning from her rite of passage, Harmony held an investigation to determine who had sent the Genii after her. No evidence was found in Flora's room, so Mardola's room was searched next. A Genii communicator was found in Mardola's belongings, confirming her guilt. Harmony sentenced her to life imprisonment. {{Quote|I've had one of the court's finest artisans feature you in a rendering of our glorious victory.|Harmony reveals her painting|Harmony (episode)}}
    In a ceremony honoring Sheppard and McKay for their bravery during the rite of passage, Harmony unveiled a painting of her depiction of the events that occurred at the Ruins of Larris. The large painting was hung behind her throne for all to see. {{cite|atl|Harmony}}




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  • Jodelle Ferland previously played Adria age 7 in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Flesh and Blood".
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