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Hekort was a Human-hosted Goa'uld who, while serving under a System Lord, began attacking other Goa'uld and was sentenced to death. Saved by Heru'ur, Hekort began to serve his new master as an ashrak, killing enemies Heru'ur considered beneath him. He once attempted to invade Earth but his plan was thwarted by the Tau'ri.


Background information

Although known to most as an ashrak in service to Heru'ur until his master's death, he was once in the service of another System Lord. While in the service of the other System Lord, Hekort began randomly attacking other, minor, System Lords and was put on trial to be sentenced to death; if Heru'ur hadn't stepped in to claim him as his own then he would surely have perished. Hekort was different from most ashrak, who were cold and calculating killers in that he gained pleasure from torturing his victims; indeed, he had even been called a ghoulish sadist. It was this aspect that Heru'ur recognized, taking Hekort as his personal assassin and saving him from his previous masters' vengeance though he never let Hekort forget what would happen if the protection was taken away. Heru'ur kept Hekort on a tight leash, often sending the ashrak to kill the enemies that he found to be beneath his personal stature, though Hekort still kept up his habit of attacking other minor System Lords at random. Hekort is known to be responsible for the deaths of at least one entire SG teams|SG team as well as many Tok'ra that have attempted to infiltrate Heru'ur's ranks. Also, on at least one occasion, he attempted to invade Earth to attack the leaders of the Tau'ri but was discovered and his plans thwarted just barely in time to save thousands of lives. It is unknown exactly what happened to Hekort after his master, Heru'ur's, death but he is thought to still be alive. With the amount of enemies he has made in his lifetime, it is unknown how long he will stay this way but he has survived for so long already that it is unlikely that he will stay out of action for long. {{Cite|RPG|Living Gods: Stargate System Lords}}


Hekort inhabited the body of a stunningly attractive male whose physical beauty was the polar opposite of the blackness in his heart. He not only made his victims pay for whatever they had done to anger his master, but made them beg for hours or, sometimes, days on end before ending their suffering with their deaths. {{Cite|RPG|Living Gods: Stargate System Lords}}
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