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Heruuni was a race of human from planet Heruun. Five hundred years ago stopped a culling Heruun by Fenrir's spaceship Aegis (spaceship)|Aegis caught between the planet Heruun and a Wraith fleet who was preparing to culling its inhabitants. His ship crash-landed on Heruun's moon. With no way to completely repair his ship without help, he kidnapped several times Heruun locals and temporarily brainwashed them to fix their ship for a period of weeks, then send them back home with their memories of where they've been and done in that time period erased. Unfortunately, the nanites used in this process lead to a terminal infection with no cure.

In 2007, the Heruuni are encountered by the Atlantis expedition who attempt without luck to find a cure for the nanite infection. The planet comes under attack by a Wraith hive ship seeking the Aegis and its technology. At the same time, Wraith worshippers amongst the Heruuni aid the Wraith, believing that the Wraith hold the only chance of a cure. The battle ends with the Aegis and the hive ship being destroyed by an isa device. During the battle, the Heruuni fight against Wraith ground forces, ultimately capturing several. Following their capture, Doctor Jennifer Keller offers the captured Wraith a deal where they will be allowed to leave through the planet's Stargate in exchange for using the Gift of Life to heal the Heruuni dying of the nanite infection. The Wraith take the deal and cure the Heruuni before being sent through the Stargate as per the terms of the deal. The events cause a change amongst the Heruuni due to the revelations about their culture that were exposed. {{cite|ATL|Nightfall}}