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Himmel Governing Council

Himmel Governing Council

{{Infobox Organization
|name=Himmel Governing Council
|leader=Field Marshall Heinrich von Blücher
|members=Reichsstatthalter Hans Schrek
  • People of Himmel
  • }} The Himmel Governing Council is the governing body of the People of Himmel, ruled by various representatives of various branches of the People of Himmel's unique version of the Nazi Party. They govern in the Führer's name. All colonists are expected to obey their orders as they would the Führer himself. Its members include the technically senior member and de facto leader, the secretly anti-Nazi dissident Field Marshall Heinrich von Blücher, other members include the young, highly ambitious, firebrand and maniacal devotee of Nazism, Reichsstatthalter Hans Schrek as well as several rank and file Nazi Party officials. The large structures within Neuberlin that System Lord Nirrti had built are now used by the colonists as administrative buildings and palaces for members of the Governing Council.

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