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Himmel technology

Himmel technology

The People of Himmel have developed a variety of technologies that are based on Goa'uld Goa'uld technology|technology, as well as on the technology imported from their native Earth. Through these two combined sources they have become more technologically advanced  than the Tau'ri from which they originate. 

While their initial technologies consisted of their native Tau'ri devices from Nazi Germany, these were augmented  with reverse-engineered Ma'Tok staff weaponry and other  alien technology captured from Goa'uld. They also have tanks and fighter craft on par with the modern American military and their firearms are superior to the SGC in many ways.  The colonists have had over sixty years to reverse engineer Goa'uld technology and integrate it with  their indigenous human technology from Earth. This is done through work at various research facilities throughout Neuberlin and  presumably the numerous other  outposts  constructed  to monitor the Himmelites that are situated across the world of Himmel. These research facilities exist specifically to understand and adapt such leftover alien devices and presumably, to improve upon them  and engineer new technologies using the devices' underlying principles. 

Some of the research work is performed by the Luftwaffe, but due to its small size and limited budget, their contributions are kept to a minimum. Nevertheless, a small group of  dedicated Himmel Air Force officers and scientists continues to experiment with various alternate methods of propulsion in hopes of one day achieving manned space flight. 

The Luftwaffe's think tank was responsible for the initial developments in high energy physics and materials science that enabled sufficient understanding of Goa'uld technology to adapt some devices (staff weapons most of all) for the colonists' own use.

The Nazi colonists who settled Himmel faced several military problems in the first years of their reign. As is so often the case, two of these questions suggested each others solution: a lack of small arms ammunition to keep the Nazi's modern weapons supplied and an urgent need to reverse engineer the Goa'uld Ma'Tok staff. Therefore, the top priority for Neuberlin engineers were developing energy weapons with Goa'uld derived internal workings placed in frames that had the familiar ergonomics of conventional firearms. The result is a family of weapon that fires plasma charges lighter than those produced by Ma'Tok staff but without the accuracy issues of the original Goa'uld design.

Today, these weapons serve as the standard armament of Nazi forces of Himmel. All of the weapons use the same basic energy source: rechargeable high density capacitors. A capacitor array has the same function as a magazine of a conventional firearm save for the inability to use types of special ammunition or remove individual rounds. Himmel capacitor arrays can be charged from any source of alternating current  (A/C) electricity at a rate of one shot every five minutes with common household current. {{cite|RPG|First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook}}

Technology created by the People of Himmel

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