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Hor-Aha was a male Tau'ri.


Background information

He was a pharaoh in ancient Egypt in the 32th Century BC. After the rebellion against Ra, he appointed Samantha Carter his chief architect. By 3125 BC, Teal'c of Chulak#Alternate timelines|Teal'c's symbiote was approaching maturity. Since all the Goa'uld in Egypt had been killed during the uprising, he could not procure another and asked Jonathan J. O'Neill#Alternate timelines|Jack O'Neill to kill him to prevent his symbiote from taking a host. However, O'Neill refused to do so and got the position from Hor-Aha to quickly dig out the Stargate so that they could travel to another planet and acquire another symbiote for Teal'c. Although Hor-Aha was initially reluctant to grant Jack's request, he eventually agreed to do so. {{Cite|SG1|Moebius Squared}}
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