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Horus Guard

Horus Guard

{{Quote|They are Horus. They guard the family of Ra.|Teal'c|Thor's Chariot}}
thumb|left|[[Heru'ur">thumb|left|[[Heru'ur with a pair of Horus Guards.]] Horus Guards were the Jaffa Jaffa Guard|Guards in the service of the family of Ra. The Jaffa helmet|masks of the Horus Guards resemble bird heads with sharp beaks.


Most of the guards that fought against the first SG team to travel through the Stargate were Horus Guards. Ra's Horus Guards were led by a Jackal Guard. thumb|198px|A Horus Guard helmet">thumb|198px|A Horus Guard helmet Heru'ur, the son of Ra and Hathor, also employed Horus Guards, and often wore golden Horus Guard armor into battle himself. {{Cite|SG1|Thor's Chariot|The Serpent's Venom}}
Since she was the queen of Ra, Hathor might have used Horus Guards many thousands of years ago. She also used a mixture of Horus and Serpent Guards on the planet Eskal before her death. It is unknown what happened to these Jaffa. {{Cite|SG1|Out of Mind|Into the Fire}}
Teal'c has used Horus Guard armor on two occasions. The first was to trick Amaunet into believing Heru'ur had stolen the Harcesis child she had just given birth to and trick Heru'ur into thinking he was one of his guards. The second was to steal a Zero Point Module Ra had five thousand years in the past. {{Cite|SG1|Secrets|Moebius, Part 1}}
The Horus Guards used by Ra himself on Abydos, as well as their leader, Anubis (Human)|Anubis, were not biological Jaffa but humans.


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