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Horus Guard 4

Horus Guard 4

{{Unnamed individual}}
{{Infobox Character |name=Horus Guard 4 |image=250px">250px |race=Abydonian |gender=Male |died=1996 |rank= |home planet=Abydos |allegiances=Ra |appearances=Stargate (movie)|Stargate |actor=Dialy N'Daiye }} Horus Guard 4 was Abydonian who was part of the Horus Guard serving under Ra when he visited Abydos for the final time.


Background information

He was born on Abydos and conscripted into the service of the Supreme System Lord Ra to serve as one of his Horus Guards.


He arrived on Abydos with Ra in his Cheops class warship. He and Horus Guard 3 inspected the shipment of Naquadah from the Abydonians. He searched the group and removed their hoods. After finding two Abydonians, Horus Guard 3 removed the hood of Colonel Jack O'Neill who shot him in the stomach with his H&K MP5A3 submachine gun. He was then shot by Dr. Daniel Jackson.




  • Staff weapon: To be added
  • Other equipment

  • Jaffa armor: To be added
  • Jaffa helmet: To be added
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