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Hou Kaingan pearl

Hou Kaingan pearl

Hou Kaingan pearl is a typical precious stone from a Hou Kaingan oyster, comprising a three-inch glossy black sphere. Radiation|Radioactive decay makes these pearls slightly warm to the touch. They have a hardness of 6.

When the oysters secrete the layers of materials that make up the pearls, they concentrate the naquadah in their environment in a unique crystalline structure.

On the terrestrial market (also saturated with cultural gems) such a sample would fetch at least several thousand dollars. However, the potential energy stored in these beads is by no means insignificant. The problem is getting it out safely. If destroyed, the pearl explodes with the force of a Fragmentation grenade, with a five-foot blast increment. {{cite|RPG|First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook}}

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