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House of Life

House of Life

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  • Elara Tydel
  • Kailee
  • |headquarters=Atura |locations= |formed= |founded= |fragmented= |reorganized= |dissolved= |restored= |affiliation=
  • Aturen Parliament
  • *Great Houses
  • }} The House of Life, also known as the Tydel, is one of the Great Houses of the Aturen.


    For the Tydel, life is the most precious resource in the universe. They have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of medical knowledge and on studying the myriad life-forms found across the galaxy. The Tydel do not capture specimens but prefer to adapt to the creature's environment and will spend years forming relationships with animals so that they may learn them better. The Tydel are also the most environmentally conscious of the Great Houses and do work in bioengineering and preserving the environment. They will refuse to take action if it dramatically alters a planet. They are pacifists, yet they will fight to protect worlds from slavers and those who would destroy their natural beauty. The Tydel possess a strong affinity for nature and do not look kindly on those who deliberately damage the world around them. The Nox feel most at home with them. {{Cite|RPG2|Core Rulebook}}

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