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House of Steel and Stone

House of Steel and Stone

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  • }} The House of Steel and Stone, also known as the Valingar, is one of the Great Houses of the Aturen.


    Of the Great Houses, they are the most militant and have the largest standing army. They are responsible for the construction of orbital defenses for Atura. The Valingar view the Creed as a quaint philosophy from another era. They believe it is essential but shouldn't be dogmatically followed to the detriment of their way of life. They are open minded and supportive of the Phoenix Site program. The head of House Valingar is Caedus Starhawk.


    After the Tok'ra Polonius was brought to Atura and spoke to the Aturen Parliament, the Valingar threatened to kill the Tok'ra, but Parliament realized what he said of the state of the galaxy couldn't be ignored. The Valingar don't believe in the need to wage war on their fellow Aturen and are content with doing things on their terms, however, they wouldn't stand by when the Goa'uld threatened the galaxy. They supported Phoenix Site the strongest and were the most willing to field soldiers when requested. They were distrustful of the Tau'ri but saw cooperation as a means to train their soldiers for the upcoming conflict with the Goa'uld, and their driving goal of being able to bring back weapon technology of other species. They started training in the ways of warfare and requested Tok'ra and Tau'ri to send military advisors to their people in exchange for technology, which put them at odds with the other Great Houses. Caedus urged Parliament members to begin training programs of their own. {{Cite|RPG2|Core Rulebook}}

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