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House of the Dawn

House of the Dawn

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{{Infobox Organization |BG1= |BG2= |name=House of the Dawn / Eiteldar |image= |founder= |leader= |members=
  • Sonequa
  • Prime Minister of Atura
  • |headquarters=Atura |locations= |formed= |founded= |fragmented= |reorganized= |dissolved= |restored= |affiliation=
  • Aturen Parliament
  • *Great Houses
  • }} The House of the Dawn, also known as the Eiteldar, is one of the Great Houses of the Aturen.


    They are Ambassadors of Atura. Their house most frequently handles diplomacy with other species and they occupy the most seats in the Aturen Parliament. The Eiteldar are renowned for their house's philosophers and great leaders. An Eiteldar is always careful and deliberate when they speak, as they know the power that words hold. They are dedicated to the preservation of the enviroment and are nature and culture first.


    The house was once made up of noble families. The Eiteldar now dedicate themselves to the preservation of the environment and natural artwork of Atura. The current Prime Minister of Atura is an Eiteldar. Their leaders have been to Earth. {{Cite|RPG2|Core Rulebook}}

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