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House of the Stars

House of the Stars

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{{Infobox Organization |BG1= |BG2= |name=House of Stars / Estrellus |image= |founder= |leader= |members=Hatana |headquarters= |locations=Aturen system |formed= |founded= |fragmented= |reorganized= |dissolved= |restored= |affiliation=
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  • }} The House of Stars, also known as the Estrellus, is one of the Great Houses of the Aturen.


    The House of Stars are the famed explorers of Atura and its Aturen system|solar system and they were the first to leave Atura. The Estrellus are typically restless and prefer to not stay in one place for too long. Access to the Stargate Network allowed them to further their house's dream of exploring the universe. To the Estrellus, the Goa'uld represented a tyranny that prevented exploration in the way of preventing people from learning and discovering knowledge, as well as travel through space.


    Centuries ago, the Estrellus were the first were the first Aturen to leave their homeworld in rockets and they established secret bases and mining operations throughout their solar system. Their scouts brought back intelligence on the System Lords. Hatana of the House of Stars, is the Aturen Ambassador on the Council of Haven. {{Cite|RPG2|Core Rulebook}}

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