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Human-Wraith Hybrid Guard (The Prodigal)

Human-Wraith Hybrid Guard (The Prodigal)

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{{Infobox Character |name=Human-Wraith Hybrid Guard (The Prodigal) |image=250px">250px |race=Human-Wraith Hybrid |home planet= |gender=Male |born= |died= |rank= |allegiances=Michael Kenmore |appearances=Stargate: Atlantis<br>
  • "The Prodigal"
  • |actor=Paul Lazenby }} Human-Wraith Hybrid Guard (The Prodigal) was a Human-Wraith Hybrid and a member of Michael Kenmore's assault force that attacked Atlantis.



    After Amelia Banks and Ronon Dex were captured, he was assigned to guard their cell. When Ronon attempted to free the two of them, he encountered this man and the two fought. He gained the upper hand until Amelia Banks intervened and helped Ronon defeat him, using kickboxing she had learned 5 years ago, much to Ronon's surprise. He was then stunned and it is unknown what happened to him. He was possibly taken into custody by the Atlantis personnel and if so, was presumably returned to being human as the transformed Athosians had been. {{cite|SGA|The Prodigal}}




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