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{{Infobox Galaxy
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  • }} Ida is the name of a galaxy that was home to the Asgard. At one point, the Ancients also inhabited space in the Ida galaxy or may have been made aware of the Asgard by way of the Destiny. The galaxy is approximately 4 million light years from the Milky Way. {{Cite|SG1|The Fifth Race|Enemies}}
    The stargate seen on Othala (planet)|Othala seems to be a second generation stargate, the same type found in the Milky Way. Which suggests that the Ancients explored and seeded the Ida galaxy long before the Pegasus galaxy.


    right|thumb|Asgard Homeworld in the Ida Galaxy.">right|thumb|Asgard Homeworld in the Ida Galaxy. The galaxy of Ida was the home of the Asgard race. It possessed its own Stargate network (which is evidence that the Ancients once explored that part of space). Even though it is not as large as the Milky Way galaxy, it was known to encompass hundreds of planet|worlds. The Stargates within the Ida galaxy can be reached from other galaxies such as the Milky Way or Pegasus by dialing an 8-glyph Stargate address. As the distances between galaxies is so vast, the dialing gate must have a large power source, such as a Zero Point Module to maintain a wormhole. {{Cite|RPG|Friends and Foes: Stargate Season Two}}


    Based on the stargate address for Othala, the galaxy is in or near the constellation of Scutum. The possible candidates (i.e. lying approximately 4 million light years (Mly) from the Milky Way) are: Sextans B (4.44 ± 0.23 Mly), NGC 3109 (4.3 ± 0.3 Mly), Sextans A (4.31 ± 0.13 Mly), and Antlia Dwarf (4.31 ± 0.20 Mly). All these 4 galaxies are on the other side of the local cluster compared to the Pegasus galaxy.

    Known planets in the Galaxy

  • Othala system
  • *Othala (planet)|Othala
  • Planet (Nemesis)|Unnamed planet
  • Races native to the Ida Galaxy

  • Asgard
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