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Ion drive

Ion drive

{{Infobox Technology
|image=250px">250px {{caption|The Sebrus engines}}
|name=Ion drive |manufacturer=Tech Con Group |designer=Tech Con Group |function=Sublight engine|Propulsion |control=Liquid nitrogen |material= |size= |weight= |power= |affiliation=
  • Serrakins/Hebridians
  • *Tech Con Group
  • }} {{Quote|These engines are way ahead of anything that we could build. They use liquid nitrogen to fuel an ion propulsion system.|Samantha Carter|Forsaken}}
    An ion drive is a form of propulsion used on spaceships of the Serrakins and Hebridians society. These engines are powered using liquid nitrogen, a means far ahead of Earth|Earth's level of technology before the development of the 304|Daedalus-Class warship in 2005 Because of this, upon the engine's discovery by the Tau'ri in 2003, Major Samantha Carter had a keen interest in discovering the intricacies of the engine. To that end, later that year, she helped Warrick Finn attempt to win the Loop of Kon Garat in order to get a closer look at the ion engines aboard the Sebrus. {{Cite|SG1|Forsaken|Space Race|Moebius, Part 1}}

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