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Jaffa 2 (Counterstrike)

Jaffa 2 (Counterstrike)

{{Unnamed individual}}
{{Infobox Character |name=Jaffa 2 |image=Jaffa 2 (Counterstrike).png |race=Jaffa |home planet= |gender=Male |born= |died=2006 (throat crushed by Adria 2006 (neck snapped by Adria after she revives him) |rank= |allegiances=Jaffa High Council Cronus (past) |appearances=Stargate SG-1<br>
  • "Counterstrike"
  • |actor=Aleks Holtz |occupation = Jaffa Scout|relationship with SG-1 = Antagonistic}} {{Quote|Then they will suffer the same fate.|Jaffa 2}}
    Jaffa 2 (Counterstrike) is a young male Jaffa and member of the Free Jaffa Nation. He was previously in the service of the System Lord Cronus.



    This Jaffa scout was the youngest member and leader of a patrol team ordered by Bo'rel to investigate and explore the Ori Mothership which had been struck with the Dakara superweapon. He and his men ambush Dr. Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran, who were hiding behind an Ori altar table. Borel orders him to hold Jackson and Vala prisoner until their patrols finds the control room. Jackson warns him that Ori reinforcements were on their way. The Jaffa dismisses his warning smugly, only to have his weapon and those of his men ripped out of their hands by some invisible power. He looks around in shock. Suddenly, he grasps his throat as that same mysterious power begins constricting it. He gasps and chokes as he and his men are lifted into the air. Jackson and Vala look on, stunned. The Jaffa continues to choke and claws out desperately to Jackson and Vala for help. His throat is crushed and he and his men crash to the ground, dead. thumb|left|200px">thumb|left|200px The perpetrator is quickly revealed to be Adria. After failing to interrogate Jackson, she resurrects the Jaffa. He wakes, gasping and coughing, struggling to breathe through his still-crushed throat. Adria heals him telekinetically and chokes him with her mind again, lifting him into the air. He claws at his throat as Adria asks for the location of the weapon killed her followers. He begs Vala for help, but Adria pushes her back. Finally, he gives up and reveals the weapon's location on Dakara. Adria, satisfied, snaps his neck and he crashes to the ground dead. His body is later demolecularized, leaving only his armor, when the Dakara superweapon attacks the Ori mothership. {{cite|SG1|Counterstrike}}




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  • Behind the scenes

  • Aleks Holtz previously played a Guard 2 (The Lost Boys)|Guard in the Stargate: Atlantis episodes "The Lost Boys" and "The Hive".
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