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James Beal

James Beal

{{Infobox Character |name=James Beal |image=250px">250px |race=Tau'ri |home planet=Earth |gender=Male |born= |died=1938 |rank=Captain |allegiances=United Kingdom |appearances=Stargate Origins |actor=Philip Alexander }} James Beal was a Tau'ri who served as captain in the United Kingdom|British army, stationed in Egypt in the 1930s. Beal had met Catherine Langford in a market place and became engaged with her in a romantic relationship. He goes with her through the Stargate to try and help her to rescue her father, Paul Langford.


James Beal is a captain in the British army, stationed in Egypt. After enlisting in the army to stem the tide of fascism in Europe, Beal was able to quickly rise to the rank of captain thanks to his combination of hard work, natural ability, and leadership qualities. Once attaining his lofty new rank at a young age, Beal was assigned to a remote outpost near Cairo, where he was tasked with protecting British interests as the specter of World War II loomed over North Africa. Despite representing a foreign power in Egypt, Beal was able to win over the locals thanks to his charming personality and selflessness. He befriended a local lieutenant in his unit, Wasif Alabu Khan|Wasif, and found a romantic partner in American researcher Catherine Langford after a chance meeting in a local market. After only a few weeks of courtship with Catherine, Beal found himself head over heels in love and was already and thinking about spending the rest of his life with her, being drawn to her independent streak and sense of adventure. However, Catherine plays her cards close to her chest, and Beal remains unsure of her commitment to him.<ref>[https://www.stargatecommand.co/feeds/stargate-origins-character-intel-capt-beal Character Intel]</ref>


After Dr Wilhelm Brücke|Bruckë's kidnapping of Professor Paul Langford|Langford, James and Wasif reluctantly follow Catherine through the Stargate in an attempt to save the professor. Now on the planet Abydos, James and his friends work with the people of Abydos to stop the Nazis from getting alien technology from the goa'uld Aset (Goa'uld)|Aset (who is an Underling of Ra and is ruling Abydos at the time) and bringing it back to earth. The Nazis' plans are ultimately thwarted, but Ra returns to the planet to face Aset for her rebellious behavior, causing creating chaos. In the end, James is able to get Catherine and her father through the stargate back to earth, but he is killed by Aset's guard Serqet in the process, with Catherine as his dying thoughts. Back on earth, the British government is trying to locate Beal, but Catherine and her father had their memories wiped by Aset before they left, so Catherine only remembers meeting him once at the market. <br />


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