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Jillian Draper

Jillian Draper

{{Infobox Character
|name=Jillian Draper
|home planet=Earth
  • United Kingdom
  • *Royal Marines
  • Stargate Program
  • |appearances="A Blade of Atlantis" |actor= }} Lt. Jillian Draper is a female Tau'ri and a British Royal Marine. She led a team consisting of Dr. Jinto|Jinto Hallingson, Torren John Emmagan, and Dr. Saroj Chandrapura from 2029 to the past during the Battle of Atlantis in 2005 to ensure Dr. Radek Zelenka made it to the Chair room safely.


    During the mission, after it was decided the past Radek had to know who they were so he could inform the future General Samantha Carter and the team of this meeting and so he could trust him, Jillian informed Radek of why they were there. They needed to get him to the Chair room to make certain that the Control chair was functional before the Wraith fleet arrived. Dr. Zelenka had been cut off from the chair and nearby transport by at least ten Wraith. It was unlikely without assistance that he would reach it. Without the chair functional Atlantis would fall before the arrival of the Daedalus with the Zero Point Module and their world would cease to exist. When T.J. sensed Wraith ahead, Draper explained to Radek that they could only interact with him. They couldn't change things as it could lead to something critical changing how the battle plays out. She kept trying to keep her team from revealing too much information about the future. In the Time Jumper, she backseat drove Chandrapura but stopped after Saroj called her out on it. When her team encountered Lt. Aiden Ford, she and Jinto went with him. They encountered Radek and T.J. again afterwards at the Chair room. Their mission successful in getting him their safely. They encountered Dr. Rodney McKay there but Radek was able to keep his attention on him before McKay could realize he didn't know Draper. {{Cite|SGA|A Blade of Atlantis}}


  • Atlantis expedition uniform: She wore a Science uniform.
  • FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon: She was armed with one during the mission to the past.
  • Time Jumper: Used to get to 2005, during the Battle of Atlantis|Wraith siege of Atlantis.
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