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John Hunter

John Hunter

{{Infobox Character |name=John Hunter |image= |race= Human {{C|Tau'ri}}
<ref name="Gift of the Gods">{{cite|SG1|Gift of the Gods}}
</ref> |home planet=Earth<ref name="Gift of the Gods" /> |gender=Male<ref name="Gift of the Gods" /> |born= |died= |rank=Major<ref name="An Eye for an Eye">{{cite|SG1|An Eye for an Eye}}
</ref> |allegiances=
  • United States Air Force<ref name="Gift of the Gods" />
  • *Stargate Command<ref name="Gift of the Gods" />
  • **SG-12<ref name="Gift of the Gods" />
  • |appearances=Stargate SG-1: Gift of the Gods|Gift of the Gods<br>Stargate SG-1: An Eye for an Eye|An Eye for an Eye<br>Stargate SG-1: Infiltration|Infiltration |actor=John Schwab (voice) }} John Hunter was a United States Air Force Major stationed at Stargate Command and a member of SG-12.


    When Hunter was a Lieutenant at Stargate Command, he was assigned to SG-12.<ref name="Gift of the Gods" /> Some years later, he was captured by Ba'al and replaced by a clone,<ref name="Infiltration">{{cite|SG1|Infiltration}}
    </ref> which was then able to infiltrate and serve on the Sun Tzu (spaceship)|Sun Tzu as Colonel Yin's second in command.<ref name="An Eye for an Eye" /> The real Hunter was later rescued.<ref name="Infiltration" />

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