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Jonas Quinn

Jonas Quinn

{{Infobox Character |name=Jonas Quinn |image=250px">250px |race=Langaran (Kelownan) |home planet=Langara |gender=Male |born= |died= |rank=Joint Ruling Council representative, formerly adviser to the First Minister |allegiances=Kelowna<br>formerly Stargate Command, SG-1 |appearances=Stargate SG-1 <small>(25 episodes)</small> |actor=Corin Nemec }} {{Quote|All I can do is try and change what happens from now on. I don't want you to exonerate me, I just want to be given the opportunity to prove that I can make a difference.|Jonas Quinn|Redemption, Part 2}}
Jonas Quinn is a male Langaran scientist who served as a representative on the Joint Ruling Council and also a former member of SG-1 on Earth. Quinn was also an adviser to First Minister Valis.



Background information

Jonas shows an amazing memory, reading and remembering things much faster than most humans from Earth can. It is unknown whether this ability is unique to him or if it is shared by others on his planet. Dialogue suggests it is the former. He has several degrees from Kelowna|Kelowna's most prestigious university|universities including social studies and ancient Kelownan history and studied under Dr. Kieran. He was an adviser to First Minister Valis. {{cite|SG1|Meridian|Redemption, Part 1|Shadow Play}}


thumb|left|Jonas Quinn before joining the Stargate program.">thumb|left|Jonas Quinn before joining the Stargate program. He gave SG-1 a tour of the Kelownan facility and showed Dr. Daniel Jackson the Kelownan Naquadria bomb|Naquadria bomb research and introduced him to the lead scientist Tomis Leed. When the experiment got out of control and Leed and the other scientists fled, he watched as Daniel stopped the experiment from overloading. When his government pressed false charges against Daniel, Colonel Jack O'Neill confronted him and demanded he tell the truth. He claimed to be unable to help, "even if he wanted to". However, Jonas later arrived at the SGC, having defected to Earth with a sample of the rare mineral Naquadria. Many people on his planet consider him a traitor for this. {{Cite|SG1|Meridian}}
After spending three months in Cheyenne Mountain reading through Dr. Daniel Jackson's notes, he began a campaign to join SG-1 in Jackson's memory. Part of his motivation is guilt since Daniel risked his life to save Jonas's home planet while Jonas did nothing. Another of his motivations is to save the people of his planet from the Goa'uld. The remaining members of SG-1 mostly resented the idea of Jonas taking Daniel's place, especially Colonel Jack O'Neill. Major Samantha Carter also resisted the idea, though in a much friendlier fashion. Teal'c was the most receptive to Jonas' request and was the first to seriously suggest it. After the X-302 hyperspace fighter was completed, Carter invited him to Area 51 to see it and let him view the plans. After Anubis attacked Earth with the Stargate destroyer, he asked Carter how they got the Stargate into the Embarkation room. This gave her the idea to use the 302 to carry the Gate into space. After O'Neill sent the 302 into hyperspace and ejected, O'Neill returned to Stargate Command and was faced with the possibility of a Russian joining SG-1. In order to prevent this, he agreed to have Jonas join the iconic team. {{Cite|SG1|Redemption, Part 1|Redemption, Part 2 }}
When a Anubis' Ha'tak|Ha'tak came out of hyperspace in orbit above Earth, SG-1 along with Jacob Carter, Major Paul Davis and Dr. Friesen used a Tel'tak to investigate. Jacob scanned the ship and found no life signs. Colonel Jack O'Neill ordered him to stay behind on the Tel'tak with Teal'c. When three Ninja Jaffa Transportation rings|ringed to the Tel'tak, he was pulled out of the way of a Staff weapon blast by Teal'c and Teal'c defeated the Jaffa. With the ring platform damaged and the Ha'tak losing orbit, they were unable to save the team aboard. The Ha'tak crashed in the Pacific Ocean and they returned to Stargate Command. Major General George S. Hammond sent them to Hawaii to use a Mini submarine to get to the Ha'tak. Once arriving O'Neill ordered him to take Jacob and Davis back to the sub while he, Carter and Teal'c removed Thor from the computer. When O'Neill's group was cut off from the sub and they couldn't get the Death Glider bay shield up, he swam to a relay station and rerouted power to the shield. He then used the rings to get to the Glider bay and escaped with the rest of the team. {{Cite|SG1|Descent}}
When the team excavating the site of the Beta Gate|second Stargate in Antarctica discovered an Ancient woman, Dr. Francine Michaels named Cyla Urbanus|Ayiana, frozen in the ice, SG-1 was called in to assist. When they thawed her and discovered she was still alive, he assisted in removing her from the ice sample. When she regained consciousness, he attempted to communicate with her and was shocked to learn she could understand him but he could not understand her. When everyone became infected with the Ancient contagion, Ayiana used her Healing power to cure everyone except Colonel Jack O'Neill due to the disease progressing too far. Back at Stargate Command, he stayed by Ayiana's side until she passed away. {{cite|SG1|Frozen}}
When SG-1 minus Colonel Jack O'Neill were investigating Immunitech Research in Steveston, Oregon, he noticed the townspeople were acting strange. When they discovered an Incomplete Goa'uld spacecraft, he and Teal'c staked out the warehouse and were detained by NID Agents Cross and Singer. They explained that they have been monitoring the situation for three months and are waiting for the Goa'uld that were cloned by Immunitech to complete the ship. When Cross realized the situation was out of control he radioed a containment team, but Singer had been taken as a host and shot the three of them with a Zat'nik'tel. Luckily Major Samantha Carter immunized herself and her symbiote died shortly after implantation. She was able to stop the symbiotes and free him and Teal'c. {{cite|SG1|Nightwalkers}}
When Colonel Jack O'Neill was implanted with a Tok'ra named Kanan and disappeared from a Tok'ra base, he and the rest of SG-1 worked through Kanan's mission reports to find a reason why he left the base. When Major Samantha Carter realized Kanan went back for Ba'al's lo'taur Shallan, he realized after blending with O'Neill Kanan would have judged himself against O'Neill's values: since the Tau'ri don't leave anyone behind, Kanan was forced to return to extract her. Unable to launch a rescue because of the defenses of Asdad, Teal'c proposed giving the plans to Yu and O'Neill was able to use the attack to escape. {{cite|SG1|Abyss}}
When the Kelownan government contacted Stargate Command to reopen trade negotiations because the Tiranians and Andari Federation had signed a non-aggression pact, he believed the Kelownan military would not last more than six months and the government would use the Kelownan Naquadria bomb|Naquadria bomb as a first strike weapon. When his mentor Dr. Kieran returned Earth, Keiren told him of a resistance movement within all three countries. When SG-1 traveled to Kelowna, they met with First Minister Valis to offer antibiotics in exchange for Naquadria but Valis refused and insisted on military technology. Colonel Jack O'Neill met with Keiren to set up a meeting with the resistance. Meanwhile, he went too met with Valis alone and he was offered a full pardon in exchange for keeping an eye on Keiren. When Keiren had an accident, Dr. Janet Fraiser learned that he has schizophrenia from exposure to Naquadria and that he hallucinated the resistance. He returned to Earth and said goodbye to Keiren before he was taken to a mental health facility. {{cite|SG1|Shadow Play}}
While babysitting a group of scientists on P5X-112, he and SG-1 were captured by Her'ak and taken aboard a Ha'tak. Two of the scientists, Dr. Jay Felger and Dr. Simon Coombs, Transportation rings|ringed up to the Ha'tak to rescue them. Colonel Jack O'Neill explained that they were captured on purpose to meet with an undercover Tok'ra named Khonsu. After arriving on Khonsu's World, Her'ak killed Khonsu because Anubis knew of his true identity for some time and used him to capture SG-1. Luckily, Felger and Coombs released them and they escaped back to Earth. {{cite|SG1|The Other Guys}}
While the rest of SG-1 was dealing with an Anubis' Ashrak|Ashrak on the P3X-984|Alpha Site, he was assisting SG-2 bring Goa'uld artifacts from P36-230 back to Stargate Command. When Colonel Jack O'Neill reported the situation to Major General George S. Hammond, he requested to join SG-1 but O'Neill refused. {{cite|SG1|Allegiance}}
On a mission to Pangar, he and Teal'c assisted Zenna Valk in translating the ruins of the temple. She warned them about the Tretonin and he met her in private but she changed the subject. He went through her tent and found the location of the Tretonin facility. He and Teal'c entered the compound and found a pool of Goa'uld symbiotes. When a security officer discovered them, they both fell into the pool. He was able to escape but the security officer became infested with a Goa'uld. He returned to the ruins and discovered the Goa'uld Queen that the Pangarans had been using to make Tretonin was in fact Egeria, the first Tok'ra. {{cite|SG1|Cure}}
He assisted Major Samantha Carter in giving Julia Donovan and her film crew a tour of Prometheus. When the film crew took over the ship, he removed the control crystal to prevent them from getting control of the computer but Donovan's producer Al Martell was working with the hijackers and reinstalled it. After the hijackers demands of the release of Colonel Frank Simmons and Adrian Conrad were met, they left the hanger and entered orbit. After the Adrian Conrad's Goa'uld|Goa'uld fixed the hyperdrive they entered hyperspace but not before Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c entered the ship in a Death Glider. They were able to retake the ship and exit hyperspace and freed him and the other prisoners. Lost 1,200 light years from Earth and with little food, SG-1 was preparing for the worst when Thor arrived. He informed them that the Asgard needed their help as the Replicators had overrun Hala. The Asgard had set a trap using a Time dilation device to slow time within the field to give them time to come up with a way to fight the Replicators. Unfortunately, the Replicators were able to get to the device and reprogram it to speed up time. They entered the field and attempted to fix the device. Once inside the only remaining structure on the planet, they were greeted by five Human-form Replicators. His mind was probed by Fourth and Fifth carried him back to the ship. When he awoke, Fifth invited them to diner. There First explained that the Replicators used Reese to design him and he was able to control the time dilation device. They were mind probed again and Carter convinced Fifth to help them reset the device. He and Teal'c returned to the ship and prepared to start the engines. When Carter and O'Neill returned, they started the engines and took off. {{cite|SG1|Prometheus|Unnatural Selection}}


After touching an Ancient device on P9X-391, he began to see bugs that could pass through solid matter. Since the other members of SG-1 could not see the creatures, he was examined by Dr. Janet Fraiser but was in perfect health. When others began to see the creatures as well, he attempted to translate the Ancient language|Ancient text on the device and found that the creatures were from another dimension. Major Samantha Carter removed the crystals but the bugs were still visible and returning the device to P9X-391 had no effect. When he and Carter realized that the device leaves a charge in body to allow you to see the creature, they reconfigured the crystals and the device reversed the effect. {{cite|SG1|Sight Unseen}}
When Colonel Jack O'Neill was accused of killing Senator Robert Kinsey, he and Teal'c tracked down Dr. Brent Langham, the missing scientist that stole the Mimetic devices. {{cite|SG1|Smoke and Mirrors}}
When Harold Maybourne gave SG-1 the Stargate address to a planet with a hidden cache of weapons, he attempted to translate the Furling language|Furling text on the ruins. {{cite|SG1|Paradise Lost}}
On a mission to P3X-367, he and SG-1 were captured by the People of P3X-367|inhabitants and handed over to Nirrti. He along with Lt. Colonel Sergei Evanov and Major Samantha Carter were placed in the DNA resequencer and Nirrti manipulated his DNA. She explained that she could give him great power but he told if she did he would use them to kill her. After convincing the inhabitants that she was not a god, the inhabitants killed her and used the device to reset Carter and themselves. {{cite|SG1|Metamorphosis}}
After discovering the crashed Sebrus and the attack on the survivors by Warrick Finn, he escorted an injured Tanis Reynard back to Stargate Command. After she was treated, he explained to her how the Stargate works. After she attempted to access the SGC computer, he came up with a plan to test her. He showed her several valuable artifacts from P4X-131 and left her alone to access the gate address from the computer. When they returned to P2X-005, she, Aden Corso and Lyle Pender took him hostage and went through the gate but the address was to Earth and they were arrested. {{cite|SG1|Forsaken}}
When Teal'c was late returning from a meeting of Rebel Jaffa leaders, he and SG-1 traveled to Kresh'ta and found everyone except Teal'c and Bra'tac died. They brought them back to Stargate Command and Jacob Carter saved them using Tretonin. {{cite|SG1|The Changeling}}
On the first mission of the Prometheus, he and SG-1 joined as crew as advisors. When the ship dropped out of hyperspace because of instability in the Naquadria reactor core, he suggested making a short jump to P3X-744, a planet on the Abydos cartouche but one that Stargate Command could not get a lock. After arriving, the core overloaded. Later, he and Teal'c searched through the Tagrean archives for clues to the location of the Stargate. With the help of Tarek Solamon they discovered it in the Wastelands of Anhur. After Commander Kalfas arrested everyone at the dig site, Chairman Ashwan convinced Kalfas' men to stand down and had Kalfas arrested. He and SG-1 returned to Earth. {{cite|SG1|Memento}}
While on a mission to P4S-237, he had a vision of the future and fainted. Back at Stargate Command, he was examined by Dr. Janet Fraiser. She found an area of unusual brain activity. When the visions persisted, he determined that he acquired the ability of precognition as a result of Nirrti's experiments on him. After a vision of an injured Major Samantha Carter, he convinced her not to go on the mission back to 237 to free the People of P4S-237|inhabitants from the Goa'uld Mot. While working on the Stargate, Carter was injured in the manner he had envisioned. After he collapsed, Fraiser determined that the excess brain tissue his body had developed as a result of this ability were causing a potentially fatal brain tumor. After waking, he had a vision of the SGC being attacked and destroyed by Jaffa. He attempted to learn more by using Kelno'reem to focus the vision. He saw an ambush at the gate and Major General George S. Hammond contacted SG-1 but their radios were taken. Chazen, the villager who was assisting Mot, heard the warning sounding the alarm and ruining the ambush. He was taken to surgery and the tumor was removed by Fraiser and Dr. Sandy Van Densen. {{cite|SG1|Prophecy}}
When Dr. Daniel Jackson, in ascended form, warned Colonel Jack O'Neill that Anubis was searching for the Eye of Ra and was on his way to Abydos, he and SG-1 traveled there to locate it first and help the Abydonians repeal the Jaffa force. With the help of Major Samantha Carter and Daniel, he located a secret chamber inside the Abydos pyramid. Once inside they found the Eye and a Lost City tablet|tablet that revealed that the Ancients had left a Lost City of the Ancients|Lost City behind. After being cut off from the Stargate, Daniel traded Anubis the Eye in exchange for leaving SG-1 and the Abydonians alone. They were allowed to leave but Anubis destroyed Abydos with his Anubis' superweapon|superweapon. After unsuccessful attempts to dial the gate, they finally made a connection and the team returned. They met with Skaara who told them that Anubis did destroy the planet but Oma Desala ascended all the Abydonians. {{cite|SG1|Full Circle}}
Over the next several months, Jonas spearheaded the efforts to locate the Lost City of the Ancients. Eventually, he concluded that it was located on Vis Uban, the last Stargate address on the list that Colonel Jack O'Neill entered into the dialing computer when he had the Ancient Repository of knowledge downloaded into his brain. While they didn't find the Lost City there, they did find Dr. Daniel Jackson descended, who later revealed that the Ancients hid the city. Jonas came up with a plan to create a fake Lost City tablet|tablet to lure the Anubis to Vis Uban. Jonas and Daniel use the Transportation rings to ring aboard Anubis' mothership, giving O'Neill and Major Samantha Carter the location of a vital weak point that they use to destroy Anubis' superweapon with an X-302 hyperspace fighter. After the completion of the mission, Jonas was captured and Anubis used his mind probe on him. Having learned of Naquadria from Jonas, Anubis took his mothership to Langara. Jackson was able to rescue Jonas, and they met up with SG-1 on the surface using the ship's ring transporter, arriving in time to save them from death. When Her'ak arrived seeking a Data Crystal containing information on Naquadria, Jonas took a staff weapon blast intended for Daniel. He survived, however, and was invited to return home as Kelowna's representative on a new Joint Ruling Council, the one thing all three countries agreed on. {{Cite|SG1|Fallen|Homecoming}}
The Hebridians used his image in conjunction with the rest of SG-1 during news broadcast of the Loop of Kon Garat. {{cite|SG1|Space Race}}
For the next several months, he supervised research on the Naquadria that was learned from the Data Crystal, with the help of Kianna Cyr. Upon discovering that a Naquadria was not native to Langara and that a vein of Naquadah was converting into Naquadria and would soon explode, he turned to SG-1 for help. With the help of Major Samantha Carter, he came up with a plan to use a Deep Underground Excavation Vehicle to drill to a fault line and plant a nuclear warhead to stop the conversion. When Carter discovered the DUEV's power systems were based on Goa'uld technology, they discovered that Kianna, who had begun to have an affair with Jonas, was host to a Kianna Cyr's Goa'uld|Goa'uld symbiote. The Goa'uld revealed that Jonas had been in a relationship with it, not the host and both indicated they had feelings for each other although Jonas denied it. On the mission, the drill heads on the DUEV were melted by a pocket of magma and they were stranded. They used Tok'ra tunnel crystals to dig a path to the fault line, and the Goa'uld placed the bomb by hand but was almost killed by the poisonous gases and heat. They returned her to Stargate Command and the symbiote sacrificed itself to save Kianna, who returned to Langara with Jonas. Before leaving, Kianna said that the Goa'uld was truly grateful for all Jonas had done for and tried to do for it. {{Cite|SG1|Fallout}}


Jonas' fate following the Ori conquest of Langara is unknown. {{Cite|SG1|Counterstrike}}


{| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed wikitable" width="100%" ! Appearances for Jonas Quinn |- | In chronological order:
  • Stargate SG-1
  • *SG-1 Season 5|Season 5
  • **"Meridian"
  • *SG-1 Season 6|Season 6
  • **"Redemption, Part 1"
  • **"Redemption, Part 2"
  • **"Descent"
  • **"Frozen"
  • **"Nightwalkers"
  • **"Abyss"
  • **"Shadow Play"
  • **"The Other Guys"
  • **"Allegiance"
  • **"Cure"
  • **"Prometheus (episode)|Prometheus"
  • **"Unnatural Selection"
  • **"Sight Unseen"
  • **"Smoke and Mirrors"
  • **"Paradise Lost"
  • **"Metamorphosis"
  • **"Forsaken"
  • **"The Changeling"
  • **"Memento"
  • **"Prophecy"
  • **"Full Circle"
  • *SG-1 Season 7|Season 7
  • **"Fallen"
  • **"Homecoming"
  • **"Space Race" <small>(Photo only)</small>
  • **"Evolution, Part 2" {{m}}
  • **"Fallout"
  • **"Death Knell" {{m}}
  • *SG-1 Season 8|Season 8
  • **"Citizen Joe" {{m}}
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    Powers and abilities

  • Precognition: Due to Nirrti's manipulation of Quinn's DNAs using a DNA resequencer, Quinn was given the ability to see into the future, although it wouldn't manifest until the mission to P4S-237. {{cite|SG1|Metamorphosis|Prophecy}}
  • Equipment


  • FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon: During their mission to Hala, Colonel O'Neill instructed Quinn in how to handle a P-90. Following this mission he would use it sporadically throughout his time on SG-1. {{cite|SG1|Unnatural Selection|Metamorphosis|Full Circle}}
  • M9 pistol: During his time on SG-1, Quinn would carry a M9 pistol as his sidearm. {{cite|Shadow Play|Unnatural Selection|Sight Unseen|Paradise Lost|Metamorphosis|Forsaken|Memento|Full Circle|Fallen}}
  • Zat'nik'tel: During his time on SG-1, Quinn would carry a Zat Gun as his sidearm. {{cite|SG1|Redemption, Part 2|Descent|The Other Guys|Cure|Fallen}}
  • Combat knife: To be added
  • Other equipment

  • Battle Dress Uniform: During his time on SG-1, Quinn would wear the traditional BDUs. {{cite|SG1|Redemption, Part 1}}
  • Desert Camouflage Uniform: Quinn wore wear the Desert camouflage uniform when the mission called for it. {{cite|SG1|The Other Guys|Sight Unseen|Full Circle}}
  • Tactical vest: To be added
  • Parka: To be added
  • Radio: To be added
  • Short range communicator: To be added
  • Notes

  • Jonas' people (the Langarans) and his home country of Kelowna are both references to British Columbia, Canada, where Stargate SG-1 was filmed. w:Langara|Langara is a community in the Vancouver area and w:Kelowna|Kelowna is a city in British Columbia's southern interior.
  • Jonas' ability to learn new things is much higher than baseline humans. This "advancement" interested both Nirrti and Anubis. {{Cite|SG1|Redemption, Part 1|Metamorphosis|Homecoming}}
  • Jonas is notable in that he was one of only three protagonists to have ever met Anubis in person, as well as the only human. Thor, an Asgard, and Dr. Daniel Jackson, during both his ascensions, also met Anubis personally.
  • Jonas enjoys watching weather shows because they predict the future. {{Cite|SG1|Redemption, Part 1|Frozen}}
  • There have been recurring jokes regarding Jonas' tendency to smile a lot. {{Cite|SG1|Descent|The Other Guys}}
  • Before the defeat of the Ori in Stargate: The Ark of Truth, Stargate producer Joseph Mallozzi said in his blog that "in my mind Jonas led the resistance against the Ori on his home world which was eventually freed from their influence after the events of The Ark of Truth. He is still very much alive and a leader among his people."[http://josephmallozzi.wordpress.com/2008/08/05/august-4-2008-youre-all-monsters-more-guest-bloggers-and-todays-weird-food-purchase-of-the-day/]
  • Corin Nemec has a tattoo on his left shoulder that is partially visible when wearing T-shirts in some episodes.
  • Jonas is the only person who has been a main character on Stargate SG-1 who did not appear in either "200" or Stargate: Continuum.
  • Appearing in a total of 25 episodes, Jonas is tied with Aiden Ford for the fewest number of appearances of any Stargate regular character.
  • Following his departure in "Homecoming", Jonas only appeared in one more episode ("Fallout") and was only mentioned in three further episodes: "Evolution, Part 2", "Death Knell" and "Citizen Joe".
  • Jonas Quinn's working name was "Liander".
  • For almost the entirety of season 6, Jonas had a ring on his right middle finger. In one instance, the ring was on a shelf beside him in shot. He was not wearing it in "Meridian", nor does he wear it in "Fallout". It is undetermined whether or not he wore it in any episode after "Full Circle". No explanation of the ring is given in the series.
  • He's the only former main member of the SG-1 team who has never been to Atlantis.
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