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Jungle planet

Jungle planet

{{Unnamed planet}}
{{Infobox Planet |name=Jungle planet |image=250px">250px |hidea= |address={{Sgaud|04|32|36|29|qu|06}}
<ref name="incomplete">The glyphs are out of order as the dialing sequence is not seen. </ref> |point of origin= |galaxy=Unnamed galaxy (Air)|Unnamed galaxy |hides= |population= |race=Squiggler |tech= |interest=Food |hideo= |appearances=Stargate Universe<br>
  • "Time"<br>*"Justice" {{m}}
    <br>*"Pain" {{m}}
    <br>Kino webisodes<br>*"New Kind of Crazy" {{m}}
  • }} {{Quote|Welcome to the jungle.|Ronald Greer|Time}}
    This unnamed planet is a planet in an Unnamed galaxy (Air)|unnamed galaxy which was seeded with a Stargate by an Ancient Seed ship millions of years ago. In 2009, the Destiny expedition explored this planet and discovered that a Destiny team from an alternate timeline traveled there and all died, but sent a Kino back in time thanks to a solar flare disrupting the wormhole. In the timeline changed by the time travel, Dr. Nicholas Rush found his own skeletal remains on the planet (he jumped through the wormhole and died of an unknown cause) and the Kino which showed what happened and that the Squiggler on the planet contained the cure to a disease contracted by the crew. After the entire team died again and four people died on the Destiny, Lt. Matthew Scott sent a message back in time again through another Kino to set history on another course. {{cite|SGU|Time}}


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