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K'kaan stunner

K'kaan stunner

K'kaan stunner are an energy weapon that was produced by K'kaan races. It's formed as a two-foot-long translucent blue baton with five concentric rings around the discharging end and a bulbous grip for an oversized K'kaan hand in the other. The weapon glows with a bright blue light when fired sending a flashing blue lance of energy at the target. K'kaan stunner is impossible for a man to wield effective, because of the difference in the hand and finger size and any person trying to use it suffers penalty on all attack rolls beyond standard penalty for not being proficient with weapons. Senior Defenseman Rrk Ssk'kaa is trained with stunners. Stunner's reach is 30 meters with a maximum of 45 meters and has 50 in ammunition. {{cite|RPG|First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook}}

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