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{{Infobox Planet |name=K'tau |image=250px">250px |race=K'Tau |galaxy = Milky Way |system=K'tau system |suns=Eye of Odin |address={{sgad|18|02|30|12|26|33}}
|tech= Agrarian |interest=Hall of Wisdom |domination=None, under the Protected Planets Treaty |appearances=Stargate SG-1<br>
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    <br>*"Avenger 2.0" {{m}}
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  • }} K'tau was a planet in the Milky Way, and under the protection of the Asgard as a part of the Protected Planets Treaty. The planet is closer to its Eye of Odin|sun than most other inhabited planets. While traveling to it, SG-1 accidentally introduced plutonium into the star's reaction, causing it to shift to the red spectrum. They attempted to contact Freyr, hoping he would help, but after speaking with the Asgard High Council, they stated that they were unable to do so, per the treaty. SG-1 then tried to send Maclarium up into the sun via a rocket, but some of the locals destroyed the rocket. Major Samantha Carter then tried sending the Maclarium through the Stargate, hoping that she could deactivate it soon enough to rematerialize the Maclarium to reappear in the sun. Whether her plan worked or the Asgard intervened is unknown, but K'Tau's sun soon shifted back to the yellow light spectrum. {{Cite|SG1|Red Sky}}
    thumb|left|The [[Tau'ri">thumb|left|The [[Tau'ri built rocket on K'tau.]] {{-}}

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