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Kasuf was the leader of the people of Abydos and the father of both Sha're and Skaara.



A young Kasuf met with Catherine Langford and her group when they followed Dr. Brucke to Abydos, in an effort to save Catherine's father and stop Brucke's evil plans. When Ra returned to Abydos to rule alone once more, Aset (Goa'uld)|Aset used her Hand Device to erase his memories of ever meeting the earthlings. She sent him to become the leader of the village of Nagada, and implanted in his subconscious the order that he shall help the team that will come back on Abydos to defeat Ra when the time comes. {{cite|Stargate Origins}}


Like the other members of his tribe he was forced to believe that Ra was a god for all his life. When a Tau'ri expedition arrived on his planet after they had recently discovered how to activate the Stargate, he believed that they were sent by Ra, as one of the expedition's members, Dr. Daniel Jackson, wore an amulet bearing Ra's symbol. However, when Ra arrived he sent two Death Gliders to attack the village, which convinced Kasuf that they shouldn't have helped the visitors. However, his children Skaara and Sha're thought otherwise, and began to realize that Ra was not a god. Much to their father's shock, the two helped Colonel Jack O'Neill and his team fight Ra's Jaffa. Although Kasuf initially planned to beg for Ra's forgiveness, Daniel Jackson could convince him otherwise by showing him the true nature of the Jaffa guards. Eventually, Kasuf led his tribe in attacking Ra's forces, thus saving the Stargate team and his own son.


A year after the planet was freed from slavery under Ra, Daniel had married Sha're, thus making Kasuf his father-in-law. However, when O'Neill and his people returned, the people of Abydos were attacked by Apophis. Kasuf's two children, Sha're and Skaara, were kidnapped and became hosts for the Goa'uld. Bent on saving his wife, Daniel promised Kasuf that he would return one Abydos year later, with or without Sha're. {{Cite|SG1|Children of the Gods}}


When he returned one year later, Sha're had been impregnated by Apophis, and carried a Harcesis child. As Heru'ur had planned to steal the child of his mortal enemy, Sha're, who was still possessed by Apophis' queen Amaunet, had fled back to Abydos. Kasuf subsequently helped Daniel Jackson to hide the child from both Apophis and Heru'ur. {{Cite|SG1|Secrets}}


Kasuf, together with other members of his tribe, were captured by Amaunet one year later. Although Stargate Command eventually rescued the Abydonians, both Sha're and Amaunet were killed by Teal'c, as she was preparing to kill Dr. Daniel Jackson with her Kara kesh. {{Cite|SG1|Forever in a Day}}


Kasuf called SG-1 back over a year later, after he and other members of his tribe heard a strange wind whispering Sha're's name. It turned out that this "wind" was in fact his grandchild Shifu, the Harcesis. {{Cite|SG1|Absolute Power}}


When Abydos eventually came under attack from Anubis, who was searching for the Eye of Ra hidden on the planet, Kasuf led the Abydonian women and children to caves in the vicinity, hoping they would be safe there. When Abydos' human settlement and the Stargate were eventually destroyed by the System Lord, Kasuf was ascension|ascended to a higher plane of existence by Oma Desala, along with the rest of his people. {{Cite|SG1|Full Circle}}


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  • Kasuf is a Wikipedia:Hebrew language|Hebrew word meaning 'silver-colored'.
  • Kasuf is one of only two characters, the other being Skaara, who are played by the same actor in the movie and the series.
  • Although Kasuf was the father of both Skaara and Sha're in the film, his connection to Skaara was at first overlooked in the TV series, in which he seems to have only a daughter, Sha're. For instance, in "Children of the Gods", Daniel refers to him as being Sha're's father rather than Sha're and Skaara's father after they are taken through the Stargate to Chulak. This oversight was fixed in "Politics" when Senator Robert Kinsey, citing Jack's report, refers to Skaara as Sha're's brother. Furthermore, in "Pretense", Skaara briefly calls Daniel "the husband of my sister."
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