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Katana Labrea

Katana Labrea

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  • "The Lost Tribe"
  • |actor=Daniella Alonso }} {{Quote|My name is Katana Labrea. I'm a Traveler. Larrin sent me.|Katana Labrea|The Lost Tribe}}
    Katana Labrea is a Traveler and the captain of Katana Labrea's ship|a generational ship, one of the fastest in the Traveler fleet.



    When the Stargate on the Traveler colony|new Traveler homeworld destroyed their colony, Larrin sent Katana Labrea's ship|her ship to Atlantis to figure out what happened. She learned about the Attero device and aided Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and Dr. Radek Zelenka get to the M6H-987|planet where it was located. However, they had to engage two Vanir spaceship|unknown ships in combat. Worse, the Daedalus was set on a collision course with the facility on the planet below. So Sheppard had Katana's ship put up a hyperspace field to get both ships to the other side of the planet before the crew regained control. When they return to Atlantis after destroying the Attero device, Katana and Sheppard began talking and the latter wished to inform Larrin that she didn't have to send someone every time there is a major galactic disaster. Sheppard succeeded in making her admit Larrin does talk about him sometimes but she didn't gave him any hint about what she told exactly. {{Cite|atl|The Lost Tribe}}




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