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The Kettle-Dwellers are a race of humans from the planet Shchizenya.


Eleven thousand years ago a minor System Lord whose name is now lost to history enslaved a nomadic Chinese tribe who called themselves the Zhenhuija. This particular Goa'uld was not averse to training some of his people slaves to make them more productive. With typical Goa'uld arrogance, he rejected the possibility of them learning enough to match him; after all, no matter how educated Zhenhuija were, they were still only human. Less than a century later the Zhenuija staged a revolt and killed their self-proclaimed master. They hijacked his spaceship and fled in search of an uninhabited world far from the Goa'uld. They called the planet they eventually found heaven or "Shchizenya" in Zhenuija dialect. They soon discovered a Stargate on the planet that scared them at first; they had seen Stargate|Stargates earlier and associated them with the tyranny of the Goa'uld but it seemed non-functional and soon became a monument of their history as slaves. The Zhenuija regarded space with similar suspicion: the sky was the domain of their former master, and they feared meeting more of his kind. As their civilization developed they built large construction projects within their solar system, but never sent out interstellar probes or ships for colonization. Instead, they focused on Shchizenya and its immediate surroundings. Their crowning achievement was the development of a massively distributed nanite network with limited capacity for decision making. Its first two orders were "PROTECT SHCHIZENYA and SURVIVE". Unfortunately, their technical sophistication helped finally end their civilization. Two thousand years after they came to the planet, the Zhenuija discovered the scientific principles behind the Stargate and repaired the long-dead gate on their world. The plot triggered massive political unrest between those who wanted the Stargate closed permanently and those who wanted to exploit its potential. Words came to blows, blows turned into bullets, and the argument soon spiraled out of control. Eventually the Zhenuija civilization destroyed itself in a seismic civil war. Survivors of the Civil War escaped to the underground city of Ketele. {{cite|RPG|First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook}}
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