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Klorem is a male Aschen scientist, who is an outcast from the Aschen Confederation. His primary scientific interests lie in Entomologist|Entomology, and he has mutated dozens of insect species. Two of his creations are the Infestation fly and the Mutated locust. {{Cite|RPG2|Ecology}}


Background information

Klorem was outcast from the Aschen Confederation, due to his unpredictable and aggressive nature. In revenge, destroying the Confederation and any who got in his way became his ultimate goal. He also has knowledge of the Stargate Network that the other Aschen don't. He mutated dozens of native species of insects on multiple worlds. {{Cite|RPG2|Ecology}}
Klorem created the Infestation fly that SG-1 encountered on the planet Svoriin (planet)|Svoriin. {{Cite|RPG2|Ecology|comma=}}
He created Mutated locust, so he could send them to attack Aschen Confederation agrarian planets. {{Cite|RPG2|Ecology}}


Klorem went to the planet Ethlos. He aided the Ethloninans famine problem, creating genetically modified crops and increased their crop yields. He also helped with advancements in their technology. He solved their food crisis and became a hero, but he did it because he was going to use their crops to feed and multiply his creations, then send them to the Aschen Confederation. Dr. Jasmine Liira became his assistant. He created a Klorem's laboratory|secret lab and worked on a Klorem's fungal formula|fungal formula if his locusts ever got out of his control. Nearly two years after helping the Ethloninans, Klorem remotely opened the stargate to release his mutated locust upon Ethlos and they laid waste to the planet. Klorem was captured and jailed. Three months later, he was interrogated by a Phoenix team. If the team succeeded in creating and distributing the fungus solution, Ethos would be rid of his locusts and Klorem would face the Ethlos justice system. If the team failed, Klorem's fate is unknown. {{Cite|RPG2|Ecology}}


Klorem has an unpredictable and aggressive nature, which is why he was outcast from the Aschen Confederation. When he was interrogated by a Phoenix team on Ethlos, he struggled to contain his violent temper hidden behind his blank expression. He has a bland personality. He speaks with little to no emotion. He is extremely intelligent and has a superiority complex. He's also perceptive and proficient in investigation. {{Cite|RPG2|Ecology}}


  • Remote control: Klorem had a remote control that he could use to dial the DHD of any of his worlds to unleash his insects, but it was destroyed during his capture. {{Cite|RPG2|Ecology}}
  • Klorem's fungal formula: A fungus formula Klorem created if his locusts ever got out of his control. {{Cite|RPG2|Ecology}}
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