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Kvasir's O'Neill

Kvasir's O'Neill

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{{Infobox Spaceship |image=250px|Kvasir's O'Neill in conflict with 4 Ori ships">250px|Kvasir's O'Neill in conflict with 4 Ori ships |name=Kvasir's O'Neill |hidep= |manufacturer=Asgard |designer= |class=O'Neill-class ship|O'Neill-class |cost= |hidet= |length=1,500 meters{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22">Stargate SG-1: The DVD Collection 22</ref>}}
|width=700 meters{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22" />}}
|height= |max accel= |mglt= |max speed= |engine=
  • Sublight engine|Sublight drive
  • Asgard hyperdrive
  • |fuel=Naquadria{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22" />}}
    |hdsystem=Asgard hyperdrive|Intergalactic |poweroutput= |power=4 Neutrino-ion generators{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22" />}}
    ||shield gen=Shield#Asgard|Asgard shields |hull=Naquadah/Carbon/Trinium composite{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22" />}}
    |sensor=Asgard sensor|Sensor array |target= |control=Asgard stones |navigation= |avionics= |countermeasures=
  • Self-destruct
  • Explosion suppression system|Explosion Suppression System{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22" />}}
  • |armament=Ion gun|Energy weapons |complement= |crew= |skeleton=None{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22" />}}
    |passengers= |capacity= |othersystems=
  • Asgard transporter|Transporter arrays
  • *5 primary{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22" />}}
  • *10 secondary{{Ref|<ref name="DVD22" />}}
  • |hideu= |role=Warship |firstuse=2006 |affiliation=Asgard }} Kvasir's O'Neill was an O'Neill-class ship|O'Neill-class warship that was commanded by Kvasir, and was part of the allied defense fleet at the Battle of P3Y-229.


    The ship fought against the Ori warships that came through the Supergate. It could withstand several hits from Ori weapons without taking damage, something that few ships are capable of doing. It is unknown if it survived the attack as it was not mentioned to have survived or perished. One possibility is that it fled through hyperspace or kept its distance to recharge its shields and made repairs such as the Earth ship Odyssey, but it was not there when the Odyssey went back to the Supergate to help any survivors from the disastrous battle. Kvasir was on board the Odyssey after the battle, which may mean that his ship did survive and he transported aboard the Odyssey to help. Or, he was on board the Odyssey during the attack. Also, it may have been destroyed and Kvasir beamed to the Odyssey before its destruction, or it was destroyed but he survived due to being on the Odyssey. {{Cite|sg-1|Camelot (episode){{!}}


  • This ship is implied in the show to be an O'Neill-class ship|O'Neill-class vessel. However, O'Neill-class ships have been clearly shown in previous episodes to be massive ships, much larger than both the BC-304 and Ha'tak, but in several shots during the battle, Kvasir's ship is noticeably smaller than this, comparable in size to the BC-304. This is most apparent in a side-on shot at the very beginning of the battle (as seen in the picture below, although more noticeable at a slightly different angle), where it can be seen between the Odyssey and the Korolev, indicating that the ship IS the same size, and its small appearance is not a matter of perspective (i.e. it is not a matter of distance making the ship look small). This is either a goof or it could indicate that the ship is a different type other than an O'Neill, as it is not explicitly stated to be of that class.
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