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|home planet=P1S-832
|rank=Tribal leader
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  • |appearances="Run" |actor= }} {{Quote|Last-Witness has said our gods will return soon, and she is never wrong about these things.|Remembers-All|Run}}
    Last-Witness is Last-Witness' people|her tribes leader.


    By the time a Phoenix team visited P1S-832, Last-Witness was old and couldn't walk. She used a chair-like sled to move. Her eyesight also wasn't what it used to be. She could tell that her people's gods Yu and Svarog would return soon due to her bones aching, which turned out correct. She feared this would be the last time her people could testify to the god's battles as she didn't expect them to survive. She allowed her tribe to go but didn't want to leave the planet herself as she feared if she left the gods would punish the tribe no matter where they went. The Phoenix team could be persuasive and insist that she leave the planet. She would then have to be persuaded again at the stargate, else she would just sit on the steps and close her eyes. {{Cite|RPG2|Run}}

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