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Last-Witness' people

Last-Witness' people

{{Infobox Race |race=Last-Witness' people |image= |species=Human |dist= |origin=P1S-832 |lang= |govt=Last-Witness |alliances= |appearance="Run" |status=Nearly extinct }} Last-Witness' people are Humans from the Milky Way Galaxy.


The people were brought to the planet P1S-832 ages ago by the Goa'uld to be witnesses to the System Lords Yu and Svarog's contests of might every 100 years. By the time a Phoenix team visited P1S-832, however, all tribes but one had died out, leaving only 28 people remaining. The tribe's leader is Last-Witness. The tribe was malnourished to some extent, their water was stagnated, their shelter wouldn't survive another onslaught, and they didn't know how to use the stargate. When Svarog and Yu began another battle, the Phoenix team tried to get those of the tribe who would leave to the Stargate.


Names of the tribe members are based off what tasks or characteristics they have. Their names can change to fit what is needed of the tribe or what a person grows into. Their people would create replica stargates hoping their gods wouldn't return. These replicas were constructed with different levels of skill and materials, such as mud-brick, and hand chiseled from a single slab of stone. {{Cite|RPG2|Run}}

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