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Lead Hybrid

Lead Hybrid

{{Unnamed individual}}
{{Infobox_Character |name=Lead Hybrid |image=250px">250px |race=Human-Wraith Hybrid |gender=Male |died=2008 |rank=Commander |allegiances=Michael Kenmore |appearances=Stargate: Atlantis<br>
  • "The Prodigal"
  • |actor=Brad Dryborough }} Lead Hybrid was a Human-Wraith Hybrid and a member of Michael Kenmore's assault force that attacked Atlantis.



    He helped Michael gain control of Atlantis and seemed to be the commander of the hybrids. He informed Michael of the status of his plan. When Atlantis personnel made it into Stargate Operations, he was killed in the fire fight by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard with a G36K. {{Cite|ATL|The Prodigal}}




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  • Behind the scenes

  • Brad Dryborough previously played Outta Control Driver in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Sight Unseen".
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