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Libnah is a Ancient city on the planet Kinahhi (planet)|Kinahhi.


The city was built by the Ancients when they lived on the planet. Like Arxantia, it was presumably destroyed by Ba'al when he took control of the planet. In approximately 1953, the Kinahhi (people)|Kinahhi people settled in the city, turning it into one of their colonial outposts and plundering the Ancient technology within. However, hundreds of thousands of people died when they fell victim to a poison attack that was blamed on the Arxanti. In 2003, after hearing the story, Dr. Daniel Jackson suggested that the settlers in Libnah triggered some sort of Ancient defense system designed to rid it of enemy occupation and that this system created some sort of bio-engineered poison that killed them. {{cite|SG1|A Matter of Honor|The Cost of Honor}}
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