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Mahes is the name of a Goa'uld who rose from the ranks of the elite Ashrak assassins, where he served in the court of Maat, and even became a favored servant of the Supreme System Lord Ra.

He was later elevated from his status as an Ashrak to become a lesser Lord, as a reward for his dedicated service. Mahes was present with his brethren during their rule on the planet Earth, and held court in the city of Leontoplois. However, his master Maat and Ra had a falling out amongst themselves which led to Ra exiling Mahes, as well as eliminating anyone who was loyal to Maat. Following his exile from Ra's court, Mahes quickly took a cadre of Jaffa, as well as a large number of slaves, in order to establish a colony on a world he named Leonops, after the city on Earth. Centuries past and Mahes returned to Earth once more, but this time in the guise of the Mayan God of Death, Cizin. His actions later inspired the use of blood sports and games as a method to resolve disputes, or to punish enemies. Despite his best efforts, Mahes failed to establish a foothold on Earth and was forced to relinquish the planet, though he did gain a new source of human slave stock.

Mahes later returned to Leonops where he was tolerated by Ra, and managed to avoid both conquest and destruction, by creating a means of resolving disputes as well as bringing entertainment. This saw the creation of the Court of Judgment on his homeworld, which involved a set of trials and arenas in his capital city which employed Goa'uld healing device along with Sarcophagus technology, in order to bring any combatants back to life. These resurrected foes would constantly battle one another until Mahes' amusement had run its course or the matter had been resolved.

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