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{{Infobox Character|
|home planet=
|allegiances=Hak'tyl Resistance, formerly Moloc
|appearances=Stargate SG-1<br>
  • "Birthright"
  • |actor=Christine Adams }} Mala was a member of the Hak'tyl Resistance.



    Background information

    She was once a handmaiden in the temple of Moloc, where she fell in love with a Jaffa (Birthright)|member of the Imperial Guard. They had a daughter, but their relationship was forbidden, so Moloc killed her lover and sacrificed the daughter in the Ceremony of Fire. {{Cite|SG1|Birthright}}


    She later emerged as Ishta's second in command, helping her organize raids and spirit away the girls. When the Tau'ri offered the Hak'tyl Tretonin, Mala volunteered. The Tretonin started failing in her, but she refused to allow her Goa'uld to be returned. Unfortunately, Dr. Janet Fraiser returned the symbiote, which caused some sort of reaction with the Tretonin, killing Mala. {{Cite|SG1|Birthright}}




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  • Relationships

  • Jaffa (Birthright): To be added
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