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Mekish IV

Mekish IV

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Mekish IV is a male human from Kreshnor (planet)|Kreshnor, and he comes from a long line rulers stretching back almost 800 years. When Ba'al first abandoned his people they fought the civil war as various factions struggled for dominance. His family winner, squeezed rule over a planet the brink of extinction. Through careful management of resources, not only survived but success after a fashion thanks to no small part of the creation of Horizon Line. As the eldest son, was Mekish born to rule and spend his childhood in both expected benefit of divine right and responsibility of government.

He was a hard but strangely benign leader, his despotic tendencies by a deep sense of Noblesse oblige. He is used to getting his way and have as few luxury his planet provides, but he really wants the best for his people and is willing to make difficult decisions that serve the greater good. He recognizes the value of Horizon Line, and will not tolerate and attempt sucking control it away. Mekish is a lankly man in the middle of forty, as dark skin and a short black beard. He sees a huge Adam's apple, which figures upside down when he is upset and dresses in beige and brown robes of his office. His voice has the authority of a man accustomed to being obeyed, and while he tolerates debate among his subordinates not assume to speak to him as an equal. He is also something of a womanizer, his harem of nine wives last less than half his age and periodically dallies with female servants and agents alike. It's a bit of a joke in the royal court, through no one ever laughs about it in his presence. {{cite|RPG|Friends and Foes: Stargate Season Two}}
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