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Melissa Hocken

Melissa Hocken

{{Infobox Character
|name=Melissa Hocken
|race=Tau'ri<ref name="Allegiance">Stargate Atlantis: Allegiance</ref>
|home planet=Earth<ref name="Allegiance"/>
|gender=Female<ref name="Allegiance"/>
|rank=Lieutenant Colonel<ref name="Allegiance"/>
  • United States Air Force<ref name="Allegiance"/>
  • Atlantis expedition<ref name="Allegiance"/>
  • |appearances=Stargate Atlantis: Death Game|Death Game<br>Stargate Atlantis: Allegiance|Allegiance<br>Stargate Atlantis: The Furies|The Furies<br>Stargate Atlantis: Secrets|Secrets<br>Stargate Atlantis: Inheritors|Inheritors<br>Stargate Atlantis: The Wild Blue|The Wild Blue'' |actor= }} Melissa Hocken is a female Tau'ri who was an old friend of Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and the commander of the Daedalus F-302 wing.


    Desiring to become an astronaut, Hocken joined the ROTC and went to UCLA on a full ROTC scholarship. There, in 1988, she shared a class with John Sheppard who sat behind Hocken and she never noticed him as a result. Sheppard developed an interest in Hocken and after learning of his parents impending divorce, befriended her. Hocken confessed to Sheppard her desire to become an astronaut and became a vital support system to him after Patrick Sheppard|his father stopped paying for Sheppard's schooling due to Sheppard's behavior towards his new much younger Patrick Sheppard's wife|wife. When Sheppard contemplated just enlisting in the Air Force rather than sucking up to his father to continue college, Hocken suggested that he instead try for an ROTC scholarship at the beginning of his junior year and helped Sheppard set up the test that would allow him to become a TAC cadet like her if he succeeded, something that could potentially lead to him becoming a fighter pilot. After Sheppard tried to kiss her, Hocken came out to him as a lesbian, something she kept under wraps due to her career choice and discovered from his scores that he tested into the 99th percentile, meaning that he had a good chance of getting the ROTC scholarship if he would suck up to his father long enough for him to pay for Sheppard's next semester tuition. {{cite|SGA|Death Game}}
    By the time that Atlantis returned to the Pegasus Galaxy in 2009 after six months on Earth, Hocken was a Lt. Colonel and had been made the commander of the Daedalus F-302 wing. While on her first trip to Atlantis, Hocken shared a meal with Doctor William Lynn and Jean Miller|Jeannie Miller which was awkward due to the kidnapping of Rodney McKay|Jeannie's brother being the reason for her trip to the Lost City. Upon arrival, Hocken was shocked but pleased to find Sheppard as a Lieutenant Colonel as well and the military commander and at the moment, temporary commander of Atlantis due to the departure of Richard Woolsey. Hocken shared a meal with Sheppard, checking out Teyla Emmagan and complimenting her old friend on his taste in women. Hocken later consulted with Doctor Lindsey Novak about using armor from the F-302s to make up for the titanium needed for Atlantis' new mechanical iris and led the F-302s during the Battle of the Frozen Planet, attacking a hive ship as well as defending Atlantis and the Daedalus from attack. {{cite|SGA|Stargate Atlantis: Allegiance{{!}}
    Allegiance}} {{char-stub}}


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