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{{Infobox Race |race=Minos |image=255px">255px |species=Minos |dist=horns, Bull-like |origin=P6H-970 (present), Unknown (past) |lang= |govt= |alliances=Puck |status=Alive |appearance=Stargate Roleplaying Game
  • "A Matter of Fae"
  • "United"
  • }} The Minos are a extraterrestrial race that live on P6H-970.


    The Minos is an ancient race that had a wise and benign civilization. When the Goa'uld came, the Minos were no match against their Goa'uld technology|technology and were quickly enslaved. Over time, the Goa'uld heavily experimented on the Minos and the tests often proved fatal. The population quickly dwindled until Goa'uld Genetics|Geneticists succeeded in creating an inherited trait that would cause the Minos to transform both mentally and physically into the Baellanid, which were terrible machines of war. The Minos call this transformation "The Curse (Minos)|The Curse". Centuries ago, Puck, Oberon, and Titania, helped free the Minos from the Goa'uld. Puck developed a serum that would halt the Minos transformation and brought them with him on his travels across the galaxy. He even brought some to Earth, which inspired the myths of the Minotaur. He took these Minos when he left. Puck relocated the remainder of the race to P6H-970. {{Cite|RPG2|A Matter of Fae}}


    The Minos have a horned, bull-like appearance.

    Labyrinth instinct

    Minos are able to perfectly recall any path they have traveled and are certain of the correct direction at all times. {{Cite|RPG2|United}}


    Minos have a cultural practice where when a Minos dies, their family or friends remove their horns prior to burning the body. The Minos wear these horns in remembrance and reverence. Their often worn as elaborate headdresses, collars, breastplates and other ornaments. The Baellanid change is a two-fold insult to the Minos, as not only do they lose themselves in the change, their horns crumble to dust. {{Cite|RPG2|A Matter of Fae}}

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