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Moebius, Part 2

Moebius, Part 2

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| episode=SG-1 Season 8|8.20
| production=820
| airdate=February 22, 2005
| story=Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie, Brad Wright, & Robert C. Cooper
| teleplay=Robert C. Cooper
| director=Peter DeLuise
| preceded_by="Moebius, Part 1"
| followed_by="Avalon, Part 1"
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"Moebius, Part 2" is the twentieth episode of the SG-1 Season 8|eighth season of Stargate SG-1.


After discovering a second Stargate in Antarctica, the team is sent to Chulak, to get to Teal'c#Alternate timelines|Teal'c and go to Egypt for the Zero Point Module. However, in the process, the team is captured, and Teal'c is, once again, the First Prime of Apophis.

Previously on Stargate SG-1

SG-1 uses the Time Jumper to Time travel|travel back in time to GizaEgypt and steal a Zero Point Module from Ra in the hope of using it to open a wormhole to the Pegasus Galaxy and also defend Earth. When the Jumper is found by Jaffa, SG-1 is forced to remain in the past, causing the timeline to be altered. As such, an alternate timeline where the Stargate was never found and as such where the Stargate Program and Stargate Command never existed is created. To help their alternate selves, a video tape of the original team is discovered and the second Stargate in Antarctica is unburied.


The scientists working on the recovered Puddle Jumper cannot make it work because they don't have the Ancient Technology Activation gene|ATA gene. Major General Hammond is assembling a military team to go through the Stargate and locate Teal'c. Jackson and Carter are still arguing that they should also be allowed to go, but Hammond says they lack the necessary military experience. As they are arguing, Colonel Jack O'Neill#Alternate timelines|Jack O'Neill arrives to join the team. He has only agreed because Kawalsky asked him to. As in the previous episode, alternate timeline Carter continues to display a strong tactical intuition. She says the team will be going into enemy territory, outgunned and outmanned--but she has an idea. She takes O'Neill to the Jumper as Jackson says the video explained that O'Neill has the gene to operate it. Jackson and Carter encourage him to sit in the command chair and he is able to power it on. Hammond agrees to let the team take the ship (which McKay names Gateship One) through the Beta Gate to find Teal'c#Alternate timelines|Teal'c, and agrees that Dr. Daniel Jackson#Alternate timelines|Daniel Jackson and Dr. Samantha Carter#Alternate timelines|Samantha Carter are to join the team at O'Neill's request. However, Hammond tells them that under no circumstances are they to attempt time travel. Jackson says he has both Gate addresses, to Chulak and back to Earth, and he dials the address on the Jumper console. thumb|left|Alternate Rodney McKay with Alternate George S. Hammond.">thumb|left|Alternate Rodney McKay with Alternate George S. Hammond. As this happens, up in the Stargate Operations room|Control Room, Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay is dismissive, giving it nothing more than a fifty-fifty chance of working although Major General George Hammond tells him that in the original timeline, it worked for eight years. But once the Stargate finally comes online, everyone is left dumbstruck and amazed while in the Control Room, McKay is equally stunned before stating that he's glad he's not going through the Stargate. On Chulak, the team is caught by Jaffa loyal to Apophis#Alternate timelines|Apophis and imprisoned. Daniel Jackson is taken to Apophis for interrogation. Teal'c defects to their cause after viewing himself on the video talking about freedom for all Jaffa, and helps them escape. While escaping, Jackson is shot by Teal'c, who could sense that Jackson was implanted with Daniel Jackson's Goa'uld|a Goa'uld.. The Goa'uld-Jackson kills a soldier and shoots Teal'c in the left arm before he is finally killed by Kawalsky and O'Neill. Teal'c tells them that Jackson's infection means Apophis already knows everything Jackson knew, including the location of their ship. He will undoubtedly plan an invasion of Earth. The team are ambushed by Jaffa. During the escape, Kawalsky is killed, and O'Neill, Carter, and Teal'c flee in the Puddle Jumper. They are chased by Death Gliders; and the Jumper is damaged in the process. Unaware of the jumper's cloaking capacity, they believe that only way they can survive is to time-travel. They travel back to 3000 B.C. and use the Stargate to pass from Chulak to Ancient Egypt where the original versions of SG-1 were stranded and where Ra is still alive and ruling. Carter and O'Neill agree the only way to stop Apophis from invading Earth is to fix the timeline in the past. The alternate team makes contact with the locals, who recognize "them" from the original team's visit 5 years before. As Carter becomes increasingly concerned about causality, the locals bring them to a tent with one introducing them to Dr. Daniel Jackson, the only survivor from the original SG-1. Jackson is confused to see them, but realizes the timeline must have been altered. He reveals that SG-1 attempted the rebellion because O'Neill and Teal'c didn't want to stay under Ra's rule without doing anything about it, and O'Neill, Carter and Teal'c were executed when it failed. He has not yet made the tablet detailing the second successful rebellion attempt because it hasn't happened yet. This means that his current plans with the underground of the local populace are destined to succeed, however, they lead to the Stargate being removed from Earth by Ra. The plan is to instigate the rebellion, thus diverting Ra's attention, and securing the Stargate to where it was originally buried, allowing the original timeline to evolve as it was supposed to. Jaffa attack the camp, and Jackson and alternate SG-1 hide in a secret weapon room. They discuss strategy for stealing the gate. Jackson explains about the ship's cloaking device. A surprised O'Neill begs to know why the hell Daniel didn't leave that detail (the cloaking device) on the tape before. Daniel just nonchalantly replies that he thought he had. The Jaffa leave without finding them. Carter and O'Neill go to test the cloak to see if it still works, as the ship had been hit when they came through. Carter works on repairs and O'Neill begins flirting with her, but she surprises him with a rejection and tells him she's actually attracted to Jackson instead. O'Neill is totally incredulous finding it hard to believe, but begrudgingly accepts it. He goes outside to keep watch and spots a Jaffa patrol approaching. Fortunately Carter gets the cloak to work just in time, at the very last minute. However, it soon fails again, and the patrol attacks the Jumper. Carter is afraid that if the patrol penetrates the shield, the Jumper might explode. Due to the danger she kisses O'Neill, much to his surprise, then says she lied about being attracted to Jackson, she just wanted to go slow and get to know him a little better first. An ecstatic O'Neill returns her kiss ardently. Just then, Teal'c and Jackson bring the armed villagers and rescue the Jumper. The rebellion ultimately succeeds. Ra's Jaffa surrender, outnumbered by the local Ancient Egyptian population, who were armed with staff weapons and Zat'nik'tels, looted from a Goa'uld armory by Jackson and his rebels. The alternate SG-1 bury the videotape, along with the Zero Point Module, for the SG-1 of the future to find. The Alternate-SG-1 and Daniel Jackson from the original SG-1 (of 3000 BC) live out the rest of their lives in Ancient Egypt. The original SG-1 of the present day receive the videotape and the ZPM left for them a few weeks before they were to go back in time. As the timeline has been restored, they have no reason to go back in time, and they've gained a ZPM free of charge. The episode ends with SG-1 at O'Neill's cabin, fishing, in a scene identical to the end of "Threads", except there are now fish in Jack's pond. Realizing they are now living in an alternate timeline in which an Alternate-SG-1 lived out their lives circa 3,000 B.C. Jack O'Neill comments, as to the presence of fish in the pond (having been told there were supposed to be none by the Alternate-O'Neill speaking on the canopic jar videotape) - "Close enough".


{| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed wikitable" width="100%" ! Appearances for Moebius, Part 2 |- | Locations
  • Milky Way
  • *Chulak
  • **City of Chulak
  • ***Chulak Prison
  • ***Temple of the Gods
  • *Earth
  • **Antarctica {{m}}
  • **Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • ***Stargate Command
  • ****Briefing Room
  • ****Daniel Jackson's Lab
  • ****Embarkation room
  • ****Stargate Command hangar
  • ****Stargate Operations room
  • **Giza, Egypt
  • ***Great Pyramids
  • ***Sphinx
  • **Mesopotamia {{m}}
  • **Peru {{m}}
  • **Sierra Leone {{m}}
  • **Silver Creek, Minnesota
  • ***Jonathan J. O'Neill's cabin
  • **Uganda {{m}}
  • Events
  • Tau'ri-Goa'uld War
  • *Quest for the ZPM {{m}}
  • *Restoring the Timeline
  • *Tau'ri Rebellion
  • Items
  • Alternate timeline
  • Ancient Technology Activation gene
  • Ancient time machine
  • Battle Dress Uniform
  • Beer
  • C-4
  • Camcorder
  • Cloak
  • Colt M16A3 rifle
  • Control crystal
  • Daniel Jackson's Stargate tablet
  • Detonator
  • Dial Home Device
  • Dialing computer
  • First Prime
  • Fishing
  • FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon
  • H&K MP5A3 submachine gun
  • Inertial dampener
  • Jaffa armor
  • Jaffa helmet
  • Kara kesh
  • M9 pistol
  • Radio
  • Service Dress Uniform
  • Shock grenade
  • Staff cannon
  • Staff weapon
  • Stargate
  • *Alpha Gate
  • *Beta Gate
  • Sublight engine
  • Sunglasses
  • Time travel
  • Tretonin
  • Wristwatch
  • Wormhole
  • Zat'nik'tel
  • Zero Point Module
  • Vehicles
  • Cheops class warship
  • Death Glider
  • Ha'tak {{m}}
  • Puddle Jumper
  • *Time Jumper
  • Sentient Species
  • Goa'uld
  • Human
  • *Tau'ri
  • Jaffa
  • Creatures
  • Fish
  • Languages
  • Ancient Egyptian
  • English
  • Organizations
  • Stargate Program
  • *SG-1
  • United States Air Force
  • USAF Research Institute
  • Mentioned
  • Ra
  • Rya'c
  • Salatis
  • The Simpsons
  • |}

    Notable quotes

    O'Neill: What do I do?<br /> Dr. Carter: Sit down. (He sits.)<br /> O'Neill: Now what?<br /> Dr. Jackson: You're supposed to have the ability to fly this thing.<br /> Dr. Carter: With your mind! Hammond: Are you absolutely certain about them, Colonel?<br /> O'Neill: No sir.<br /> Hammond: Good luck. And godspeed. O'Neill: Safety off, point and shoot. Not at me.<br /> Dr. Carter: I don't really like guns.<br /> O'Neill: Neither do I. How do you feel about explosives?<br /> Dr. Carter: Those I like a little better. Jackson: Well this can't be a good sign.<br /> O'Neill: Why is that?<br /> Jackson: Where am I?<br /> O'Neill: Ancient Egypt.<br /> Jackson: No, I mean the me from your timeline.<br /> Teal'c: I killed you.<br /> Jackson: Why?<br /> Teal'c: You were a Goa'uld spy.<br /> Jackson: A good reason.<br /> Dr. Carter: It was horrible.<br /> Jackson: Yeah, I'm sure. Why are you here?<br /> O'Neill: Yes. Excellent question. Carter: Apparently nothing we did affected the timeline.<br /> O'Neill: But we didn't do anything.<br /> Carter: Not yet. Apparently we were going to. Two weeks from now. But now we don't have to.<br /> O'Neill: Excellent. That's it. I like it. Carter: Didn't that tape say there were no fish in your pond?<br /> O'Neill: Close enough.


    Main Characters
  • Richard Dean Anderson as Brigadier General Jack O'Neill/Colonel Jack O'Neill#Alternate timelines|Jack O'Neill
  • Amanda Tapping as Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter/Samantha Carter#Alternate timelines|Samantha Carter
  • Christopher Judge as Teal'c/Teal'c#Alternate timelines|Teal'c
  • Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson/Daniel Jackson#Alternate timelines|Daniel Jackson/Daniel Jackson's Goa'uld
  • Guest Stars
  • David Hewlett as Dr. Rodney McKay#Alternate timelines|Rodney McKay
  • Don S. Davis as Brigadier General George S. Hammond#Alternate timelines|George S. Hammond
  • Peter Williams as Apophis#Alternate timelines|Apophis
  • Alessandro Juliani as Katep
  • Jay Acovone as Major Charles Kawalsky#Alternate timelines|Charles Kawalsky
  • Benjamin Easterday as Ra's Jaffa commander
  • Sina Najafi as Egyptian Boy
  • Christopher Pearce as Senior Airman Jake Bosworth#Alternate timelines|Jake Bosworth
  • Rob Fournier as Airman Mansfield (Moebius)|Mansfield
  • Hugo Steele as Ra's Jaffa Patrol {{u}}
  • Nathan Flaminio as Egyptian rebel {{u}}
  • Gentry Bromfield as SGC Guard {{u}}
  • ? as Airman Donner
  • Notes

  • The plot of them going to Chulak is similar to that of "Children of the Gods" where SG-1 travels to Chulak, gets captured, are freed by Teal'c, fight their way out and one of the expedition members is infected with a Goa'uld.
  • This is the only episode of Stargate SG-1 showing a Puddle Jumper going through the Stargate.
  • The Zero Point Module that is retrieved allows Stargate Command to contact the Atlantis expedition and render assistance via the gate in "The Siege, Part 2".
  • The dialogue when Dr. Rodney McKay#Alternate timelines|Rodney McKay refers to the Time Jumper as 'Gateship One' is almost identical to the dialogue of the same incident in the first episode of Stargate: Atlantis ("Rising") where Lt. Aiden Ford attempts to apply the same name to the Jumpers, but is overruled by Major John Sheppard, resulting in them being renamed Puddle Jumpers.
  • When Colonel Jack O'Neill#Alternate timelines|Jack O'Neill asks Dr. Daniel Jackson#Alternate timelines|Daniel Jackson if he knew the address to get back to Earth, this references how in the 1994 Stargate (movie)|Stargate film Dr. Daniel Jackson did not know the address and had to learn it. Here Jackson learned it from the videotape.
  • When Dr. Samantha Carter#Alternate timelines|Samantha Carter tells O'Neill that she is attracted to Jackson, O'Neill seems to imply that he thinks Jackson may be gay.
  • According to the DVD commentary, O'Neill's "close enough" line at the end of the episode is a reference to "w:c:simpsons:Treehouse of Horror V|Treehouse of Horror V", an episode of The Simpsons where Homer time travels and unintentionally makes numerous changes to history; upon returning to a timeline where his family have snake tongues but everything else is otherwise normal, he says "eh, close enough". This is one of several references to The Simpsons on Stargate SG-1, all centered around O'Neill.
  • Apophis#Alternate timelines|Apophis has a goatee and Major Paul Davis#Alternate timelines|Paul Davis has a mustache, both references to the Star Trek w:c:MemoryAlpha.org:Mirror universe|mirror universe. A version of Apophis#Alternate timelines|Apophis from an alternate reality likewise had a goatee in "Point of View".
  • Certain signature elements of the musical score to "Moebius" had not been heard since the premiere, "Children of the Gods", musically suggesting that while "Children of the Gods" constituted a beginning to Stargate SG-1, "Moebius" constituted an ending of sorts. Joel Goldsmith shares credit for the "Moebius" score with David Arnold, who composed the original theatrical music for the Stargate (movie)|Stargate movie. Arnold's credit for the episodic music was in addition to his regular credit for the original Stargate themes.
  • In scenes featuring the Puddle Jumper, this episode also includes hints of Joel Goldsmith's themes from Stargate: Atlantis.
  • When the Jaffa bring Jackson back into the cell, O'Neill refers to them as "Pewter Pissants".
  • Within the alternate timeline featured within the episode there are numerous differences from the original Stargate timeline, the roots traced to Ra#Alternate timelines|Ra taking the Alpha Gate|Giza Stargate with him when he fled the Earth in 2995 B.C.. Differences from the original timeline include:
  • *O'Neill is a charter boat captain, never rejoining the Air Force after his original resignation.
  • *O'Neill speaks in a Minnesotan accent. O'Neill's accent disappears when he rejoins the Air Force, so it's possible it was an affectation as a charter boat operator.
  • *Jackson makes a living teaching English as a second language, having lost all standing within the archaeological community.
  • *Carter never joined the Air Force and works as a civilian aerospace engineer.
  • *Carter is seen practicing the "reproductive organs" speech (first heard in "Children of the Gods") in front of a mirror, but does not have the nerve to actually say it to anyone.
  • *Carter is wearing glasses.
  • *Robert Kinsey#Alternate timelines|Robert Kinsey is President of the United States, while Henry Hayes#Alternate timelines|Henry Hayes is Secretary of the Interior.
  • *George S. Hammond#Alternate timelines|George S. Hammond is only a Brigadier General (1 star), not a Lt. General (3 star).
  • *Cheyenne Mountain does not house Stargate Command. It instead houses the USAF Research Institute, which can be briefly seen on the shoulder patch of one of the guards, is in charge of the program.
  • *Dr. Rodney McKay#Alternate timelines|Rodney McKay does not have a citrus allergy, saying lemon chicken is his favorite food. However, he was never actually shown eating the lemon chicken.
  • *Major Paul Davis#Alternate timelines|Paul Davis has a mustache.
  • *Major Charles Kawalsky#Alternate timelines|Charles Kawalsky is in the US Marines and not the Air Force.
  • The story of this episode was picked up in Stargate SG-1: Moebius Squared where SG-1 was forced to use Ba'al's solar observation outpost to travel to 2942 BC (three years after the rebellion) to stop three rogue Tok'ra from changing the timeline. It is shown that in the aftermath, O'Neill and Carter had a daughter and Teal'c's symbiote matures and becomes Egeria, forcing the alternate team to unbury the Stargate and procure a new one from Abydos. After stopping an attempt by Ra to reconquer Earth, alternate Teal'c leaves with Egeria as her new First Prime as her host is his lover.
  • When Teal'c#Alternate timelines|Teal'c takes Jackson in front of Apophis, the set is very much recognizable as the same set previously seen as the Temple of Ra in the prior episode ("Moebius, Part 1").
  • The exterior scenes in Egypt were filmed at the Richmond Sand Dunes.
  • This is Don S. Davis' 150th episode.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Jay Acovone (Major Charles Kawalsky).
  • This is the last episode to feature Richard Dean Anderson as a main cast member.
  • 2004 "Get in the Gate" sweepstakes winner, Nathan Flaminio, appears in this episode as well as an Egyptian. Nathan also played a Scientist (The Siege, Part 2)|Scientist in Stargate: Atlantis episode "The Siege, Part 2" that aired on the same night on the Sci Fi Channel.
  • Rob Fournier (Airman Mansfield (Moebius)|Mansfield) previously played Special Forces Commander in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Ascension (episode)|Ascension".
  • Goofs

  • When the alternate SG-1 arrives in the past, Teal'c#Alternate timelines|Teal'c notes that the Ha'tak vessels have the mark of Ra. However, while there does appear to be a ship landed on the Great Pyramid, there's only one, not multiple ships and it looks more like the Cheops class warship Ra used in the original movie. However, while he still refers to it as a Ha'tak, he later refers to the ship as singular during conversation. The word Ha'tak may simply mean "warship" (or battleship, cruiser, etc.), rather than being a specific class designation.
  • When the original Dr. Daniel Jackson#Alternate timelines|Daniel Jackson asks where the alternate Jackson is, Teal'c tells him that he killed his alternate self. However, while Teal'c did shoot the alternate Jackson, it was Colonel Jack O'Neill#Alternate timelines|Jack O'Neill and Major Charles Kawalsky#Alternate timelines|Charles Kawalsky who actually killed Jackson.
  • When Dr. Samantha Carter#Alternate timelines|Samantha Carter fires the gun at the enemy from the Time Jumper, no gunshot is heard, but a special effect instead.
  • When Jackson starts dialing the Beta Gate, the Earth point of origin symbol is seen (the pyramid), likely due to footage reuse. The proper symbol should be of the beta gate (circle with a line under it).
  • When the Time Jumper exits the gate in 3,000 BC, the drive pods are extended. The ship will not fit through the gate with the drive pods extended.
  • During the final confrontation with the Jaffa Patrol both Jackson and one of the village militia are wielding a FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon despite the fact that SG-1 only either Zat'nik'tels or a M9 pistol when they left the Jumper.
  • Awards

  • Won Leo for "Dramatic Series: Best Costume Design" (Christine Mooney)
  • Other languages

  • French: Retour vers le Futur (2<sup>ème</sup> partie) (Back to the Future (part 2))
  • Italian: Moebius (Parte 2) (Moebius (part 2))
  • Spanish: Moebius (Parte 2) (Moebius (part 2))
  • Czech: Moebius (část 2.) (Moebius (part 2))
  • German: Moebius, Teil 2 (Moebius, Part 2)
  • Hungarian: Moebius (2. rész) (Moebius (part 2))
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