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{{Infobox Character |name = Motawk |image = Motawk.png |race = Abydonian |home planet = Abydos |gender = Male |allegiances = Kasuf<br>Ra (brainwashed) |appearances = Stargate Origins |actor = Tonatiuh Elizarraraz }}Motawk was a Abydonian living on the planet Abydos. He lived in Nosdevli, an outpost of which Kasuf was the leader.



Motawk met with Catherine Langford and her team when they were brought to Nosdevli by Kasuf, and were captured. Initially, he disliked the strangers, but apologized when he saw Catherine's Eye of Ra amulet. thumb|220x220px|Wasif and Motawk share a final kiss.">thumb|220x220px|Wasif and Motawk share a final kiss. He became quite close of Wasif Alabu Khan, with whom he had a relationship, and accompanied him on the group's plan on stopping Dr. Wilhelm Brücke from using Naquadah and to save Professor Paul Langford|Langford. When Ra returned to Abydos to rule alone once more, he was brainwashed and subsequently became a Horus Guard.

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