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{{Infobox Planet
|point of origin=
|population=None (present, destroyed)<br> Nagasamirians (past)
|tech=None (present, destroyed)<br> Early Industrial Age / Lantean Tech Level (past)
|interest=Atlantis expedition Trading Partner
|domination= None (present, destroyed)<br> Nagasamirians (past)
  • Stargate Atlantis: Hearts & Minds 1
  • Stargate Atlantis: Hearts & Minds 2
  • }} {{Quote|Confirm our position, Major. Nagasamir's system doesn't have an asteroid belt."<br>"Position confirmed, Sir. The asteroid belt IS Nagasamir.|Colonel Steven Caldwell and Major Kevin Marks|Hearts & Minds 2}}
    Nagasamir was a planet in the Pegasus galaxy, which held a Stargate. It was also a member world of the Coalition of Planets.


    The planet's natives, the Nagasamirians, were friends and trading partners of the Atlantis expedition.


    In 2009, the planet was visited by Janus, who gave the natives Lantean level Ancient technology|technology to defend them against the Wraith, and an advanced zero point energy reactor, that would power way more than the people would need at their amount of consumption. He had the Unknown Aliens install the upgrades to the people's city. Colonel John Sheppard and his Atlantis Reconnaissance 1|team visited the planet with what they had discussed to trade previously, however, with their newfound technology from the Ancient, they no longer required it. When it was revealed to AR-1 that the advancements were from Janus, Sheppard warned the planet's Nagasamirian Commissioner|leader that he couldn't be trusted. {{Cite|SGA|Hearts & Minds 1}}
    left|thumb|Nagasamir destroyed">left|thumb|Nagasamir destroyed The leader respected Sheppard's warning and politely rejected the continued support of Janus. As a result, he destroyed the planet by releasing uncontrolled zero point energy from their new reactor. After it's destruction, when Atlantis couldn't dial the planet, Richard P. Woolsey|Woolsey had Amelia Banks contact the Daedalus to pick up AR-1, then together they went to investigate why. They found the remains of the planet had become an asteroid belt. Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay|Rodney McKay figured out what destroyed the planet and noted the damage caused by the uncontrolled zero point energy had severely damaged subspace, to a point that opening a Hyperspace window would be really bad. {{Cite|SGA|Hearts & Minds 2}}

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