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|status=Nearly Extinct
|govt=Nagasamirian Commissioner
  • Tau'ri
  • *Atlantis expedition
  • Coalition of Planets
  • Krophchek (people)|Krophchek
  • Janus (Past)
  • Unknown Alien (Past)
  • |appearance=
  • Stargate Atlantis: Hearts & Minds 1|Hearts & Minds 1
  • }} {{Quote|As you've been among us for some length of time, you must have seen loyalty is one of the cornerstones of our culture that has survived even the Wraith."<br>"I have."<br>"Then you must know our relationship with Colonel Sheppard and his people is cherished and they have given us no cause to abandon that relationship. |Nagasamirian Commissioner and Janus|Hearts & Minds 2}}
    The Nagasamirians are a race of humans native to the planet Nagasamir in the Pegasus Galaxy.


    The Nagasamirians had been trading partners and friends of the Atlantis expedition. They are also a member race to the Coalition of Planets. The Nagasamirians were brought to near total extinction when Janus destroyed their home world. Only a few people who were off world trading at the planet Krophchek survived. {{Cite|SGA|Hearts & Minds 1|Hearts & Minds 2}}


    The Nagasamirian Nagasamirian Commissioner|elder considered loyalty one of their fundamental beliefs for their culture and as such held their friendship with the Tau'ri in high regard. {{-}}

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