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Nakai fighter

Nakai fighter

{{Infobox Spaceship
|name=Nakai fighter
|max accel=
|max speed=
|engine=Sublight engine
|shield gen=Nakai shield|Energy shields
||armament=2 Nakai energy weapon|Energy Weapons
  • Distress beacon
  • Hull cutter
  • |hideu= |role=
  • Space Fighter
  • Troop transport
  • |address= |point of origin= |firstuse=2009 |affiliation=
  • Nakai
  • Tau'ri
  • *Destiny expedition (briefly)
  • }} The Nakai fighter is a type of spacecraft used by the Nakai. It serves a dual role as a fighter and a small troop transport.


    The Nakai fighter is an oval-shaped craft roughly 60 ft long by 30 ft wide. It is launched from a Nakai mothership, which can carry at least a dozen. It has a pair of energy cannons mounted on the front of the vessel near the nose. Their effectiveness is unclear: several working in concert were able to drain Destiny's shields somewhat quickly (though the shields were also being weakened by Destiny's weapons returning fire), but a single hit on the Ancient shuttle had little to no effect. It possesses shielding, which is rare for a vessel of its size, but its strength is negligible in comparison to the output of Destiny's anti-fighter turrets and the weapons on the shuttle. It can survive detaching from Destiny while it is in FTL, but cannot withstand the sudden jump to FTL unless attached to the hull. {{Cite|SGU|Air, Part 3|Space|Sabotage}}
    In addition to its capacity as a fighter, there is a cutting laser on the underbelly of the craft, allowing the fighters to dock with and board other vessels by cutting a circular section of the hull out from beneath it. The crew compliment of these vessels is unclear. At the very least, they can hold two people, though the space inside is sufficient for several more. {{cite|SGU|Space|Lost}}


    Soon after Tau'ri arrived aboard Destiny, one of these ships detached itself from the hull and left. The fate of this one is unknown. {{cite|SGU|Air, Part 3}}
    Later Lt. Vanessa James, Airman Rennie, Dr. Dale Volker and Dr. Robert Caine discovered another one on a Gravel pit planet. They were unable to open the hatch even with help of Dr. Nicholas Rush before the jump countdown expired. Rush was left on the planet by Colonel Everett Young and eventually managed to gain access to the ship. One of the systems he reactivated was a distress beacon. The aliens detected it and returned to the planet, where they discovered and captured Rush. Eli Wallace, Chloe Armstrong and Lt. Matthew Scott visited the downed alien ship in an attempt to find a star map that would help them navigate towards Destiny. Eli was able to obtain the map with some help from Chloe. {{cite|SGU|Justice|Space|Lost}}
    During the Nakai attack on Destiny, a large number of fighters were launched by a Nakai mothership. While some were destroyed, one attached to Destiny and penetrated the hull. The aliens captured Chloe and retreated. Later, Rush and Chloe managed to steal one of fighters on the mothership and fly it back to Destiny. It was later jettisoned to prevent the aliens from tracking it. {{cite|SGU|Space|Divided}}
    When considering how the aliens found Destiny in the first place, Rush speculates that a tracking device has been placed on the hull. Sure enough, yet another alien fighter is found after a search. The shuttle was used to destroy it. Rush believes that it had been attached to Destiny longer than the expedition has been on board, presumably based on the memories he gained from the alien whose mind he read. {{cite|SGU|Divided}}
    Fighters were subsequently used in Nakai attack in the void|another attack on Destiny. Since the Faster-Than-Light engine was disabled, Destiny had nowhere to escape. Two motherships launched waves of fighters in an attempt to overwhelm Destiny's defenses and board the ship. Dr. Jeremy Franklin managed to restore the FTL and take the ship to safety, destroying the fighters that were poised to board. {{cite|SGU|Sabotage}}


  • The Nakai fighters are rare in that they possess shielding, something most small fighter craft lack. For example, the smallest Goa'uld vessel to possess shielding as a standard feature is the Tel'tak, a hyperspace-capable¬†cargo ship¬†nearly twice the size of the Nakai fighter. However, compared to the motherships and other ship shields, the fighters shields don't seem very strong as they aren't able to withstand much fire.
  • One of them was seen leaving Destiny while it was traveling at superluminal speed, meaning at the very least they can survive the transition to sublight speeds (if not capable of FTL themselves), this is likely due to their own shields, given that shields are what protect Destiny and the shuttles from incineration in FTL travel. {{Cite|SGU|Air, Part 3}}
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