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Necropolis, designated P3X-445 by the Tau'ri, is a planet in the Milky Way galaxy which has a Stargate. Necropolis is one of the most frightening worlds under Sokar's control. The other System Lords who consider themselves all equal to or greater than Sokar dread going there. Necropolis is a planet graveyard for dead Goa'uld. As the Lord of the Dead, Sokar is also entrusted with maintaining cemeteries for thousands of Goa'uld not spared a final death.

Necropolis was originally a barren wasteland, featureless and without atmosphere. Pits and gaps created by asteroid effects and cracking of the planet's crust did otherwise bland face a more deadly place but the world still had the nightmarish terrain common to Sokar|Sokar's other worlds. Upon discovering the planet Sokar decreed that no Goa'uld would dare to tread, without knowing that he controlled the fate of the dead.

The City of the Dead which is called Necropolis began as a collection of rock tombs and temples dedicated to the worship of Sokar. The first graves holding the body of ancient Goa'uld and it is even rumored that the body of a once powerful ruler Apep was one of the first to be interred in the Necropolis. After thousands of years of expansion and millions Goa'uld death extends the city spread as far as the eye can see with stone graves and melacholy statues depicting the System Lords interred within. {{cite|RPG|Living Gods: Stargate System Lords}}
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