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{{Infobox Character|
|race=People of M7G-677
|home planet=M7G-677
|appearances=Stargate: Atlantis<br>
  • "Childhood's End"
  • |actor=Shane Meier }} Neleus was a young Human man from M7G-677, a planet in the Pegasus galaxy.



    He was sent to find where Dr. Rodney McKay had disappeared to and found him in the ruins, attempting to repair the electromagnetic field generator. Neleus and McKay ended up in a standoff where McKay tried to convince Neleus to let him finish repairing the generator. Despite a brief hesitation, Neleus continued to threaten McKay until a Wraith probe arrived. Neleus and his companion tried and failed to shoot it down, but bought McKay time to bring the field back online. Neleus witnessed the probe fall from the sky and realized McKay had been telling the truth. Neleus then rushed off and informed Aries, defusing the tense situation that had developed between his people and the Atlantis team.{{Cite|atl|Childhood's End}}




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  • Shane Meier previously played Garan (Edoran)|Garan in the Stargate SG-1 episode "A Hundred Days".
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