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{{Infobox Planet
|point of origin=
|galaxy=Milky Way
|system=Delmak system
|race=Goa'uld, Jaffa
|interest=Delmak's moon
|domination=None (present-destroyed), Sokar (past)
|appearances=Stargate SG-1<br>
  • "Jolinar's Memories"<br>*"The Devil You Know"<br>*"Tangent" {{m}}
    <br>*"The Serpent's Venom" {{m}}
  • }} {{Quote|Then by all means... To hell with us.|Jack O'Neill|Jolinar's Memories}}
    Netu was a moon of Delmak.


    thumb|left|The surface of Netu.">thumb|left|The surface of Netu. Netu was once an industrialized colony of Delmak. However, when the System Lord Sokar conquered that world, he Terraforming|terraformed the moon to resemble Hell. He changed the atmosphere of the moon by orbitally bombarding the surface, causing molten lava to rise to the surface, and filling it with barely breathable toxins. Sokar also used Netu as a heavily guarded penal colony where he sent the condemned prisoners to suffer the harsh environment of the moon. Sokar appointed Bynarr as the Lord of Netu and had him report in every so often through secret transportation rings on the moon that connected to Sokar's palace on Delmak. This was where Jolinar of Malkshur was once sent to, but managed to have escaped, the first one to ever do so, since every attempt by others failed. Jolinar had actually escaped by seducing Bynarr. Sokar also banished Apophis and Selmak/Jacob Carter there. Apophis was appointed as Bynarr's First Prime, Na'onak. thumb|left|The destruction of Netu.">thumb|left|The destruction of Netu. After Lantash/Martouf heard that Selmak was taken, he traveled to Earth and asked SG-1 to help break him out, as Major Samantha Carter was once a host to Jolinar. They traveled to Netu via Tel'tak. After a first failed attempt, Teal'c sent the Tel'tak to Vorash, where Aldwin sent Tok'ra moon destabilizer|a bomb to Netu. When the bomb was activated and sent to Netu, the core would overload and destroy the moon 12 minutes later. Apophis later led a rebellion on Netu after killing Bynarr. Knowing that Sokar would take his Ha'tak into orbit, the bomb was set, overloaded the core and caused Netu to explode. The explosion succeeded in killing Sokar, and SG-1 and the Tok'ra were able to escape. Unfortunately, Apophis was able to escape as well through Sokar's ship's ring transporter. Apophis took the opportunity to take over Sokar's forces and rose to be the most powerful Goa'uld System Lord until he was killed by SG-1 two years later in 2001. {{Cite|SG1|Jolinar's Memories|The Devil You Know}}

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