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{{Infobox Character |name=Nik'ta |image=thumb">thumb |race=Tlak'kahn |home planet=Ka'an |gender=Male |born= |died= |rank=Leader, Farmer |allegiances=Tlak'kahn (refugees), Urson |appearances=Stargate Infinity<br>"The Face of Evil" |actor= }} Nik'ta is a Tlak'kahn refugee.


Nik'ta was once a part of the warrior cast of the Tlak'kahn. He and some other Tlak'kahn got fed up with the Nax'kan Council and decided it was time to stop being a warrior. He left his home planet Ka'an with his son and they became refugees. They went to the Urson planet to start a new life as farmers. Originally the Urson where welcoming but they eventually turned on them. Fearing their technology. The Urson attacked the refugee's and Nik'ta was taken prisoner. His son tried to save him but failed. Nik'ta told Major Gus Bonner what was happening. Gus gave him his laser and with it Nik'ta and his men broke free of their prison. Nik'ta and Gus' team where chased by Arktos, the Urson leader. During the encounter Nik'ta saved the lives of both Ec'co and Arktos. Saving Arktos led to peace between the Tlak'kahn refugees and the Urson. They now trade together. Category:Non-canon articles>Category:Non-canon articles Category:Non-canon Individuals>Category:Non-canon Individuals Category:Tlak'kahn>Category:Tlak'kahn Category:Infinity characters>Category:Infinity characters